Readers ask: Show Me How To Play Minecraft?

How do you play Minecraft on Google?


  1. Visit the official Minecraft site and click the Android icon. You will then be redirected to Google Play.
  2. Click “Install” and wait for the game to upload.
  3. Open the game on your phone and register or sign in to an existing account to start playing.

How do you play Minecraft survival?

How to Survive your First Day

  1. Mark your spawn point with a dirt pillar, and/or note the coordinates.
  2. Find some trees and hit them with your hands to collect 20 wood blocks.
  3. Drag the wood into your crafting grid to turn it into wood planks.
  4. Make a crafting table from 4 wood planks and place it on the ground.

What is the object of Minecraft?

The purpose of the game is simply to build and explore (and survive). How many players can play it? You can play by yourself or you can play online with others. The smartphone and tablet versions offer multi-player options through WiFi networks.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

Minecraft is typically recommended for ages 8 and up, being a game that isn’t overly violent or even that difficult to learn how to use. In fact, for many children, it was one of their first video game experiences online.

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Is Minecraft OK for a 7 year old?

Is Minecraft suitable for 7-year olds? Minecraft is rated 7+, meaning that the game is recommended for children from the age of 7 upwards. The PEGI system classifies a 7+ rating as a game that “contains non-realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters (…) that could be upsetting to very young children.”

Where do I start with Minecraft?

Perfect Way to Start Minecraft: Quick Start GUIDE

  • Step 1: Choose Player Mode and Options.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Game Mode.
  • Step 3: Harvesting Wood.
  • Step 4: Look for Shelter.
  • Step 5: Build Crafting Box.
  • Step 6: Crafting Sticks.
  • Step 7: Create Tools/Weapons.
  • Step 8: Build a Shelter.

How do I install Minecraft?

To install the game, go to and download the game client. You can download the game client even if you don’t own the game, but you will only be able to play the demo mode. After downloading the client, double-click the icon to run it.

Do I have to buy Minecraft for each child?

Each player needs their own Minecraft account, so you’ll have to pay again if you want to play with your child: one account for you, one for your child. Only the person who sets up the world needs a paid subscription, and they can invite others to play with them.

How do I get free Minecraft?

There is no legal way to obtain a free, full copy of the Java edition of Minecraft; if you want the full version of Minecraft, you’ll have to buy it.

Is Minecraft going to be free?

Minecraft for everyone! Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is real, and it is completely free if you already own the game on PC. You just need to go through a few steps.

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What is the goal of Minecraft survival?

In Minecraft Survival, the main goal is to survive, build, explore, and have fun, but also an optional goal in Survival is to defeat the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

Can you finish Minecraft?

Being a sandbox game, there is no true end to Minecraft. However it is possible to ‘complete’ the game upon killing the Ender Dragon. This tutorial shows the steps necessary to locate and enter the End dimension, and then defeat the Ender Dragon, as well as killing the Wither.

What should I do on my first night in Minecraft?

Follow these survival steps before nighttime arrives:

  1. Harvest trees. You can do so by punching wood.
  2. Create a crafting table and chest.
  3. Craft tools and weapons.
  4. Find and kill sheep and craft a bed.
  5. Create a simple shelter.
  6. Trap animals other than sheep.
  7. Look for caves or dig a staircase mine.

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