Readers ask: How To Refund A Purchase On Google Play?

How do I reverse a purchase on Google Play?

First, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet and navigate to the app or game you purchased. As long as you’re still in that two-hour window, you’ll see a “ Refund” button. Tap it. A message will ask if you’re sure that you want to refund the purchase and uninstall the app.

How do you refund in-app purchases?

Users can tap on this option, select a specific in-app purchase, identify the issue that prompted the refund request, and tap the Request Refund button. Once the request is submitted, customers will receive an email from Apple with an update on the status of their refund within 48 hours.

How do I get a refund for an in-app purchase on Android?

To do this, open the Google Play app on your Android device, tap the menu button, and tap “My account”. Scroll down to the “My orders” section. Locate the app you want refunded. If it’s been less than two hours since you purchased the app, you’ll see a “Refund” button.

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How do I cancel a Google Play app purchase?

How to cancel your Android Google Play in-app purchase

  1. Visit Your Apps.
  2. Select the app you wish to cancel.
  3. On the details page, click Cancel purchase.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email.

Does Apple give refunds for subscriptions?

Apple maintains a very strict data security policy and does not allow access, manage, cancel, or refund your subscription for you. As a result, we cannot manage customer refunds.

How many times can you refund in-app purchases?

Note: You can only return an app or game for a refund once. If you buy it again you will not be able to get a refund. If a refund is issued you will lose access to the item.

How do I cancel an in-app purchase that is pending?

Follow these steps.

  1. Go to Apple’s Report a Problem portal and sign in using the Apple ID used for purchase.
  2. You should see a list of your recent purchases (last 90 days). Find the app in question and tap on report.
  3. Describe your problem and click submit.

What is refund?

A refund is a reimbursement from a government of taxes that were paid above the amount that was due. The average refund for an American taxpayer for the tax year 2019 was $2,8691 Refunds can also refer to the money a store or business returns to an unsatisfied customer.

Why can’t I purchase in app purchases Android?

If you haven’t received an in-app item you bought, try closing and restarting the app or game you’re using. Tap the app you used to make your in-app purchase. Tap Force stop. Re-open the app you used to make your in-app purchase.

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How do I cancel a Google Play refund?

Cancellation and refunds

  1. Visit Your Apps.
  2. Select the app you wish to cancel.
  3. On the details page, click Cancel purchase. If you don’t see this option, your 30-minute window has expired.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email. You may see a pending charge on your credit card, but it’ll disappear.

How do I cancel a Google payment?

You can cancel some subscriptions in Google Pay.

  1. Sign in to Subscriptions.
  2. Find the subscription you want to cancel and tap or click Manage.
  3. Choose Cancel subscription. If you don’t see this option, click Manage subscription to go to the Google product you subscribed through. You can cancel the subscription there.

How do you cancel a Google Play account?

Open the Google Play Store. Tap the Menu icon. Cancel a Google Play membership

  1. Go to
  2. In the left menu, click My Subscriptions***
  3. Next to ALLBLK, select Cancel Subscription.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription again to confirm.

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