Readers ask: How To Play Whiter Shade Of Pale On Piano?

What organ is used in Whiter Shade of Pale?

The Hammond organ line of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” was inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Sleepers, Wake!” and “Air on the G String” but contrary to popular belief, the song is not a direct copy or paraphrase of any music by Bach although it makes clear references to both pieces.

What is the BPM for Whiter Shade of Pale?

A Whiter Shade Of Pale is amoodysong byProcol Harumwith a tempo of 149 BPM.It can also be used half-time at75 BPM or double-time at298 BPM.

Did Eric Clapton sing Whiter Shade of Pale?

He embarked on his musical career in the Paramounts (1961 – 1966) before forming Procul Harum in April 1967. The band released a string of successful albums, but are best known for the song “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”. Eric Clapton played on sessions for Brooker’s 1982 solo album, Lead Me To The Water.

What are 16 vestal virgins?

“One of sixteen vestal virgins, who were leaving for the coast…” In ancient Roman religion, the Vestal Virgins were the priestesses of Rome’s oldest Goddess-matriarch, Vesta. They were chosen in childhood from prominent Roman families to serve for thirty years.

What does it mean to skip the light fandango?

A straightforward, literal interpretation of these lyrics: We skipped the light fandango. Turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor. Skipping is a way of hopping and running at the same time. It’s the sort of thing a happy child would do.

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Who sang A Whiter Shade of Pale?

Procol Harum

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