Readers ask: How To Play White Elephant Gift?

How do you play White Elephant card game?

In this game, everyone brings one gift just like in a typical white elephant gift exchange. Instead of just deciding whether or choose a gift or steal someone else’s, you pick a random card instead. The card will tell you what to do with your gift – steal, swap, unwrap, pick a second gift, and more.

How do you make white elephant fun?

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your White Elephant Party

  1. Pick a gift theme. One excellent way to spice things up is to have people bring gifts that fit a particular theme.
  2. Employ different game rules.
  3. Hold an ugly sweater contest.
  4. Rent a karaoke machine.
  5. Break out the Christmas games.

How do you play gift exchange?

How to Play the Game

  1. Roll a 1 – they switch gifts with the person on their right.
  2. Roll a 2 – they switch gifts with the person on their left.
  3. Roll a 3 or a 4 – Switch gifts with anyone in the circle AND unwrap the gift if it’s not already unwrapped.
  4. Roll a 5 or a 6 – Unwrap your gift.
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How do you win white elephant?

How to Win at White Elephant This Year

  1. Combine Utility and Humor: White Elephant is about having fun so some element of humor is encouraged.
  2. Focus on the Packaging: People always say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but in this game you don’t have much choice.
  3. Give the Gift of Life:
  4. Don’t Undervalue Gift Cards:

Can you get your own gift in white elephant?

White elephant is a gift exchange, so each person must bring one wrapped present to the Christmas party. If they take the present from the first person, that person chooses another present to unwrap. The person with the number “three” may choose any previously unwrapped present or a new, wrapped one.

Can you pick your own gift in white elephant?

In a White Elephant gift exchange, each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift and places it in a designated area. If someone steals your gift, you can steal someone else’s gift or choose and open a wrapped one. Continue until everyone has had a turn for a gift.

Are white elephant gifts new or used?

The first person opens a wrapped gift, and the turn ends. On subsequent turns, each person has the choice to either unwrap a new present or to steal another’s. When a person’s gift is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open or can steal from another player.

Do you wrap white elephant gifts?

The rules of the white elephant party are simple. Everybody who attends is required to bring a wrapped gift worth no more than a specified amount — generally between $10 and $20. In turn, the rest of the participants, in order, choose to either unwrap a new gift or to “steal” a previously unwrapped gift.

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How do you make a white elephant gift exchange fun?

The White Elephant Game Rules

  1. Send festive invites detailing the particulars of the party.
  2. Bring a wrapped, anonymous gift to the shindig.
  3. Draw numbers to determine who gets to unwrap a present when.
  4. Sit in a circle and place the gifts in the center, preferably under a festive tree.

How do I make exchange gifts exciting?

8 Fun Family Gift Exchange Ideas

  1. Drawing Names. Let’s start with the standard choice.
  2. White Elephant. You knew this one was coming, right?
  3. Secret Santa. A simple twist on name-drawing makes Secret Santa one of the most popular types of gift exchange.
  4. Grab Bag.
  5. One Big Gift.
  6. Charitable Giving.
  7. Musical Gifts.
  8. Gift Theme.

How do you do the white elephant in virtually?

How To Host A Virtual White Elephant Exchange

  1. Choose a date and time that will work for your party guests.
  2. Make a guest list and invite guests to join you via Zoom or Google Meet, at the specified time.
  3. Let your guests know they should each purchase a White Elephant gift, wrap it, and have it in view for the meet up.

How do I host a virtual white elephant gift exchange?

How to Do a Virtual White Elephant

  1. Set a Date. Reach out to family members, friends and colleagues to arrive at a mutually convenient day and time for the event.
  2. Have Everyone Purchase and Wrap Gifts.
  3. Draw Numbers.
  4. Pick a Platform.
  5. Set Up Your Conference Call.
  6. Exchange Addresses.

Is it best to go first or last in white elephant?

As you might already have figured out, the best way to win is to go last — you can pick almost any gift you want! Alas, you can’t control your playing order.

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How does a Yankee Swap gift exchange work?

In Yankee Swap, each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift and places it in a designated area. Guests are given numbers as they arrive, or their names are randomly drawn, and they select and unwrap gifts from the pile in that order — with a twist. In the end, the gift you are holding is the gift you take home.

How do you beat Secret Santa?

The concept is simple: Draw the name of a coworker and leave them gifts (in secret!) throughout the holiday season (or perhaps just give one bigger gift), after which the giver’s identity is revealed. There is really no ‘winning’ in the game of Secret Santa, but you can nail that gift for the co-worker in your office.

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