Readers ask: How To Play War And Order On Pc?

How do I play War Order on Mac?

To install War and Order 2021 For MAC, you will need to install an Android Emulator like Bluestacks or Nox App Player first. With this android emulator app you will be able to Download War and Order full version on your MAC PC and iOS/iPAD. Finished. Now you can play War and Order on MAC PC.

Is War and order an online game?

War and Order is a fantasy-themed MMO Real-Time Strategy Battle game set in a medieval kingdom ravaged by chaos and strife. War and Order is a free-to-play title for Android and Apple iDevices that is currently available for download on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Is war and order a good game?

War and Order is a fun and well designed game. It’s one of the best in it’s category.

How do I have multiple accounts on war and order?

In order to play with two or more accounts (with one or more devices), you need to save each account with a different email. You can use Facebook, Game Center (iOS only), and Google Play (Android only) to keep your progress safe. You can only link one War Machines account to each one of those services.

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How often do new realms open in war and order?

Usually servers open in pairs, one for Asians and one for everyone else. I’ve switched realms many times and realms usually open every 2 days, only way to know is to keep checking the world map if a new “hot” realm is out.

Can you sell your castle in war and order?

Buy or sell your Castle Simply write your contact info, Castle level, realm and ~amount of money you would be willing to sell or buy it for.

What is kill event in War and order?

5) War and Order Kill Event – Earn points by killing/wounding enemy troops.

What is HP in war and order?

April 12, 2016 · #UnitSpotlight: Human Infantry. Special Skill: “Blockade.” HP increased when defending. Don’t forget to recruit some Human Infantry for your defense force!

Who Developed War order?

War and Order is a War strategy game created by Camel Games.

How do you get elite mines in war and order?

Elite mines are large mines in the map, these are collected by placeing a flag over AT LEAST one part of the mine. After this every member in the alliance is allowed to use the Elite Mine to collect the resources in that mine. There is a maximum of 5 members in a mine at one time.

How do I log into war and order?

War and Order

  1. Open Safari and tap the lower right button.
  2. Choose “Private Mode”
  3. Confirm you are now in Private Mode.
  4. Return to the game and tap Switch Account.
  5. Choose Facebook.
  6. Choose “Log in with the Facebook App” – This step is very important!!!
  7. Tap “OPEN” on the popup window.
  8. Tap “Continue” to login your account.

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