Readers ask: How To Play Skye Paladins?

How can I be a good Skye?

General Valorant Skye Tips and Tricks

  1. Skye’s current role is something close to Breach.
  2. She is an initiator but has a lot of kit that helps in establishing a push forward.
  3. The healing effect means she needs to be towards the back to stay alive.
  4. Good Agents to run with Skye are Phoenix, Reyna, Cypher, and Omen.

Can Skye heal through walls?

No one thought Riot could make “Nearsighted” a more frustrating mechanic, but Skye’s ultimate “Seekers” is here to prove them wrong. While Omen’s ability that applies Nearsighted can go through walls, those who main the agent are usually guessing where to target.

Can Skye heal enemies Valorant?

Though she can’t heal herself, the ability is only two hundred credits and can put a team of one hit heroes up enough health to put up a respectable fight. It’s not a quick ability, requiring multiple shots to fully heal a depleted health pool.

What does Skye ULT do?

Skye’s ultimate, Seekers, is a growth of flowers that automatically hunts for enemies. Her abilities see its best use when displacing, annoying, or incapacitating enemies to help the team push sites open areas.

How much HP can Skye heal Valorant?

Skye equips a healing trinket and holds fire to activate it. It heals any allies within range and line of sight. While it cannot heal Skye, it can be used on and off until her healing pool ( 100 hp ). In a single round, Skye can only buy one Regrowth.

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Is Skye good in Valorant?

” Skye will be very good at the top level. I think her kit is really nice: you’ve got flashes, a heal and a paranoia as an ult – that is insane.” The difference in opinions on Skye between the two G2 stars doesn’t end there, which is very interesting given the roles they play on the team.

Is Skye better than sage?

Skye might be the new healer agent in Valorant It is very similar to Sage’s signature ability Healing Orb but has two primary differences: Skye can heal all the allies in the radius at the same time. In the process, she cannot heal herself, unlike Sage.

What does Skye say in Valorant?

Let’s go! ” “Pull your socks up!” “They can’t get an inch!” “Don’t let me down now, yeah?”

How long does Skye flash last Valorant?

As soon as Skye uses her flash, that 40-second cooldown starts ticking. If she pops it immediately, it will be up and ready again in 40 seconds.

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