Readers ask: How To Play Shopkins Chef Club?

What are the barcodes on Shopkins for?

FUN FACT: Each Shopkins character comes with a QR code on the bottom that can be scanned with the Shopkins Chef Club app, bringing your Shopkins characters to life. While your kids certainly don’t have to do this to enjoy the playsets and fun, it is an extra way for them to engage.

What do you do with Shopkins?

Seven things to do with Shopkins

  • Cupcake Toppers. You can use them to top cupcakes for your child’s cupcakes that they take to school for their birthday or at their party.
  • Treat Containers.
  • Doll Backpack.
  • Advent Calendar.
  • Shopkin Swap Game.
  • Guess the Shopkin Game.
  • Shopkin Necklaces.

How much do Shopkins cost?

Moose Toys has sold more than 115 million Shopkins toys (generally priced at $2.99 ) since launching in 2014. Shopkins’s popularity propelled it to the No. 2 trending toy search on Google (GOOGL) this October. “The idea with Shopkins is to inspire kids’ imagination,” said Ally Barajas, VP of marketing for Moose Toys.

Why do some Shopkins have holes?

The holes in the bottom of some of the characters make them perfect for displaying Shopkins on pencils.

What are the rare Shopkins?

Limited Edition Shopkins are the rarest of all Shopkins and are very hard to come by. The Season Two Limited Edition Shopkins have a bling finish, and are:

  • Marsha Mellow (100 made)
  • Rub-a-Glove (250 made)
  • Lenny Lime (500 made)
  • Lee Tea (1,000 made)
  • Donna Donut (2,500 made)
  • Angie Ankle Boot (5,000 made)
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What age group is Shopkins for?

Shopkins: 8-11 Years.

Are Shopkins boys?

Boys and Girls Can Play Shopkins have a ton of character ‘foods’ that are perfect for boys and girls. Siblings can play together and purchase pizza, ice cream, fruits and vegetables that look like characters.

What is the rarest Shopkin ever?

1 Cupcake Queen This is the rarest Shopkin of them all as it comes from season 1 and only 100 units were released throughout the world, and they are harder to find than some of these rare Nintendo Switch games.

Are LOL dolls inappropriate?

According to one parent, who called out the brand on Facebook, several boy versions of the dolls were deemed “inappropriate and obscene for small children especially girls as they are anatomically correct with no warning on the packaging.”

How many Shopkins are in season 12?

Season 12 of Shopkins contains 60 Shopkins which could belong to 1 of 10 Teams, have 1 of 3 finishes and come in 1 of 6 Rarities.

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