Readers ask: How To Play Rook For Dummies?

What are the rules of Rook?

The Rook card is the highest trump. It can be played to any trick, regardless of whether you could have followed suit to the led color. It must be played if a trump is led and you have no other trumps. If the Rook card is led, the other players must play trumps if they can.

How can I be a good Rook player?

Start with R13, 12, 7, 10 until you get out the Rook. Then play out your smallest winning trump if the player to your right played a trump on the last trick. If he didn’t then you should play starting with the 14 on down. This gives your partner a chance to discard points if he runs out of trump.

What is a trick in Rook?

After each player has played, the highest card of the color led takes all the cards played. This is called “taking a trick.” Note: Unless you play the Rook Bird card, you must “follow suit” if possible.

What if nobody bids in Rook?

The minimum bid is 70 points, and the maximum is 120 points (the number of points a team would make if they captured all the counters in the game). If a player chooses not to increase the bid, he may pass to the next player.

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Can Rook be played with 2 players?

The official rules for Tournament Rook (also known as Kentucky Discard) are as follows. Four players are organized into two teams of two players each, sitting opposite each other. Players must keep their hands secret from all other players, including their teammates.

What is queen Worth chess?

Well, a queen is worth nine points, and two rooks are worth ten points! In some cases a queen is better than two rooks, but these situations are rare. A common exchange is trading two minor pieces (knights or bishops) for a rook and a pawn.

How do you shoot the moon in rook?

Some people play that if the Rook comes up on top of the widow, all players must “bid blind” i.e. bid without looking at their hand. A special bid is “shoot the moon” this means the player bids 180 points. If the fail, they go set by 180 points, if the make it they get 500 points.

How do you play rook with regular cards?

ROOK may be played with standard playing cards by removing the 2s, 3s, and 4s from the deck and adding the joker to be used as the Rook Bird card. Thus, each 5 is worth 5 points, each ace and 10 is worth 10 points, and the joker is worth 20 points. Aces play high in tricks.

Who gets the kitty in Rook?

This makes for a total of 200 points in each hand of Rook. The Kitty consists of left-over cards, which are dealt in the middle of the table. This Kitty is won by whoever wins the bid, who then has the option of using any or all of the cards in the Kitty for his hand.

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