Readers ask: How To Play Realistic Battles War Thunder?

How do realistic battles work in war thunder?

Unlike its Arcade counterpart, Ground realistic battles uses a “spawn points” mechanics. Players are given a starting amount of spawn points to spawn their first ground vehicles. They can collect spawn points via various actions within the battle to respawn when they are knocked out.

How realistic is war Thunder flight?

This flight model is arguably one of the best and most realistic ever put into consumer software. The game is as realistic as you want. There are three game modes- Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator. Simulator is the most realistic, people build full simulators for this game mode, I only have a flight stick personally.

Do realistic battles give more RP war thunder?

realistic battles are good, but simulator is better. Simulator battles aren’t for everyone, but they give you a ton more RP and SL. Make sure you can recognize aircraft without target markers (you can practice this by turning off markers in a realistic or arcade match), and get used to flying from the cockpit.

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Is War Thunder still pay to win?

Not quite. There are premium vehicles and a premium account that can help you, but only with your tech tree progression. War Thunder is more Pay-to-Progress-Slightly-Easier. With or without spending money, the games grind is still frustrating.

How do you resupply ammo in War Thunder?

You can restock ammo at capture points in the game. By default, you should also restock ammunition automatically between games, though sometimes this bugs out and you may need to manually purchase ammunition.

Can you fly in War Thunder?

Additionally, there are no pathways to channel action into major points of contention, which means a battle can quickly devolve into a terrifying haze of flaming wreckages, bullets and occasionally – very occasionally – a still-flying, intact plane.

Is DCS world better than war thunder?

DCS World is a straight-up simulator, meant to be as accurate as possible. They do a damn fine job at it too. War thunder is a “semi-simulator” but also includes different levels of realism with their three game modes. They also tend to stick to historical values much more than WoT or WoWp does.

Which is better arcade or realistic?

In conclusion, while realistic does generally give out more points per round (calling this from experience, not the results), I was still able to exceed my realistic score in arcade in the same number of games in rapid succession and 60 percent faster.

How do you grind faster in War Thunder?

The easiest way is to spend money.

  1. Use lineups that you are most comfortable with, no matter the BR/Rank. This might be counterproductive to your grind, but in my opinion the more fun you have the faster the grind will be.
  2. Use prem vehicles and prem time.
  3. Just Free RP your way up.
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Why is war thunder such a grind?

The grind is there to prolong your stay. The game is more like a mmorpg in that sense. So if you have experience with that type of genre, you’ll understand better what kind of progression to be expected in War Thunder. There are many things that can be done to increase progress or progression experience.

Can you play War Thunder without spending money?

No. Spending money isn’t necessary to excel at war thunder. What it does do is allow for an easier and quicker grind to unlocking new tanks. You can also use money to unlock premium tanks that you otherwise couldn’t unlock.

Can you play War Thunder without paying?

War Thunder on Twitter: ” You can get a lot of rewards without paying anything, just need complete the daily tasks … ”

Is World of Tanks pay to win?

WoT is P2W because it provides in-game tools for it. But not playing the game instead of payers. To have it clear, WoT offers further available tanks, ammunition, and quality of game experience for those who are willing to spend “gold” in-game currency for it.

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