Readers ask: How To Play Florida Fantasy 5?

How does Fantasy 5 work?

Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 42 or select Quik Pik to have the computer randomly select your numbers. Each play costs $1 times the number of drawings played. Fantasy 5 cash prize amounts for matching 3, 4 or 5 numbers are pari-mutuel, all winners share an equal portion of the winnings in each prize category. 5

How many numbers do you need to win on the Take 5?

To win the Take 5 Jackpot, match the five numbers on your ticket to the winning five-number combination drawn.

How do you play Fantasy 5 online in Florida?

Select 5 numbers from 1 through 36 on Number Selection Panel. You may also use our Fantasy 5 wheeling system to wheel the numbers, and click Fill with Wheeling Numbers to fill out numbers in the Ticket Cart. Select how many times you want to play. You can play up to 30 times.

How do you pick Fantasy 5 numbers?

When you select your lotto numbers, try to have a relatively even mix of odd and even numbers. All odd numbers or all even numbers are rarely drawn, occurring less than 3 percent of the time. The best mix is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which means three odd and two even, or two odd and three even.

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What are the best numbers to play for Fantasy 5?

In a 36-number game like FL Fantasy 5, numbers 1 to 18 would be in the low half, and numbers 19 to 36 would be in the high half. All high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn, occurring only 2 percent of the time. The best mix is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which means three high and two low, or two high and three low.

What lottery is easiest to win?

Which is the easiest Lottery to win?

  • Oz Lotto – odds 1:8.
  • Polish Mini Lotto – odds 1:8.5.
  • UK National Lottery – odds 1:9.3.
  • Spanish Lotto – odds 1:10.
  • Austria Lotto – odds 1:12.
  • Irish Lotto – odds 1:13.
  • Mega Millions Lottery – odds 1:24.
  • Powerball Lotto – odds 1:24.87.

How many Fantasy 5 combinations are there?

For example, Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 has 376,992 possible combinations. Each combination has equal probability. Probability tells how likely an event will occur. In the lottery, probability is the likelihood that your chosen combination will match the winning combination.

What happens if you get 2 numbers on take 5?

How many numbers do you have to have to win Take 5? Matching 5, 4, or 3 numbers wins a parimutuel cash prize; matching 2 numbers wins a free Take 5 play.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Florida?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that the Florida Lottery withhold 24 percent federal withholding tax from prizes greater than $5,000 if the winner is a citizen or resident alien of the U.S. with a Social Security number.

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Can I buy Fantasy 5 tickets online?

Play Online Select one of the following options for purchasing Fantasy 5 tickets online: EASY PICK – Select $5 (5 tickets), $10 (10 tickets), or $15 (15 tickets) to have your numbers randomly selected.

Has anyone won cash for life in Florida?

Dwayne McGee is Florida Lottery’s latest lucky winner, turning a $2 scratch-off ticket into the top prize in the $1,000 A Week For Life game. McGee, a 40-year-old from Kissimmee, ultimately decided to cash in on a lump-sum payment of $930,000. 1

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