Readers ask: How To Play Caroms?

How do you play carrom for beginners?

Focus on the techniques and accuracy of your shots. To give yourself a head start, set up the board but leave off all the carrom men. Just pop your striker on either of the moons (circles printed or painted on the surface) and try flicking in to the pockets on the opposite corners of the board.

Is carrom played clockwise?

For a traditional, two-player game, the opponent will be seated on the opposite side of the board. Carrom is often played with four people playing as doubles. In this case, your partner is seated opposite you and assigned the same color pieces. Turns proceed clockwise in a game of doubles.

What is the rules of carrom?

A turn consists of one or more strikes. A player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their chosen colour first. However, neither player can win until one or other player has “covered the Queen”. To cover the Queen, a player must pocket one of her own pieces immediately after pocketing the Queen.

Which finger is best for carrom?

The middle finger of your hand is in the perpendicular direction to the board. This style of striking is correctly used when there is no space around your baseline, and the carrom men surround the striker.

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What is C M in carrom?

‘C/m’ shall mean Carromman/ Carrommen. ‘Board’ shall mean from the commencement of a board, after Umpire calls ‘Play’ till its completion on pocketing of last C/m of any player. ‘Break’ shall mean the first stroke of a board. ‘Finish’ shall mean the completion of the board. ‘Player’ shall mean a Carrom player.

Who wins in carrom?

Once the queen is covered, whoever clears all their carrom men first wins the ‘board’. The winner of a board collects one point for each of the opponent’s carrom men left at the finish and three points for the queen if covered by the winner (if covered by the loser, no-one gets those points).

Can you play carrom with both hands?

Carrom’s definition gives some more leeway because we ‘re using fingers instead of cue sticks, but the concept is still the same. Using two fingers undoubtedly results in striking the striker twice. Either hand could be used for thumbing but not both at the same time.

What is the value of Queen in carrom?

The black carrom men are worth 1/10 point(s) and the white ones are worth 2/20 points. The queen is assigned 5/50 points. As in the above two variants, it must have a carrom man pocketed after it. To win, a player must receive all the carrom men on the board.

How do you play carrom without fear?

The first is steady your striking hand on the board with the base/edge of your palm, and/or thumb, and/or non-striking fingers. This ensures that the striker is flicked and not pushed. The other thing is make sure your striking finger is as close as you can to the striker, touching it if possible.

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Who is the father of carrom?

Bangaru Babu served as the secretary (1985 – 1988) and treasurer (1989-2013) of the Tamil Nadu Olympic Association.

Is carrom a sport?

One of the most popular games in the Eastern world, Carrom is a “strike and pocket” table game. The sport holds much resemblence with billiards and table shuffleboard.

How many types of carrom games are there?

It constitutes of three different colors: white, black and red. The red carrom men is considered as the queen of the game. The carrom strikers: The striker is slightly heavier, and larger disc are compared to the carrom men.

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