Readers ask: How To Play Aggravation Game?

Can you pass yourself in aggravation?

(Remember: if you roll a 6 you get another turn!) marble to “aggravate” it (see GETTING AGGRAVATED, below). You cannot jump over or land on your own marble.

Is aggravation the same as sorry?

Aggravation is a board game where up to six players try to move their marbles (four) via dice rolls around a semi-complicated board that offers short cuts. From a strategy standpoint – Aggravation is very similar to more popular board games like Trouble and Sorry!.

What’s the difference between Parcheesi and aggravation?

While Parcheesi was a decent game, it is basically a very average roll and move game. While Aggravation is a simple roll and move game, there is not enough to the game to keep it interesting.

How many players can play aggravation?

Aggravation is a board game for up to four players and later versions for up to six players, whose object is to be the first player to have all four playing pieces (usually represented by marbles) reach the player’s home section of the board.

Can you move backwards in aggravation?

If your marble has been “aggravated” and returned to BASE, you can move it back into the START hole on your turn by rolling 1 or 6 as previously explained.

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Can 3 people play aggravation?

The game can also be played 2v2 and 3v3 with the following exceptions to the normal rules: Players on a team alternate their turns and can jump over their partner’s marbles and even aggravate it.

How do you win at aggravation?

To win the game, you must successfully move your marble pieces into one of the four home base spots by an exact roll, keeping in mind that you cannot jump over any of these spots that are occupied. Once all of your pieces are in place, you win!

What is the game fast track?

Fast Track Games. Fast Track is a board game played with pegs or marbles, a fast track board, and cards. The game board closely resembles the Aggravation game and Wahoo board game. In fact, any of these games can also be played on these boards.

Are wahoo and aggravation the same game?

Aggravation is a board game derived from the ancient Indian game, Pachisi. It is also known as Wahoo. Playing Aggravation is a fun way to socialize with family and friends.

Is Ludo like Sorry?

Sorry board game is similar to Ludo, Trouble & Parcheesi. The sorry game can be played by 2-4 players. Sorry! has the same basic principles as Ludo (and indeed the Indian game Pachisi); each player has four coloured counters whose aim is to get round the board and into their safe ‘home’ at the end.

How big is an aggravation board?

The hexagon Aggravation Board dimensions are 24″ Wide (point to point) x 21″ Long x 0.75″ Thick. It is double sided so you can play with up to 6 players on the one side and with up to 4 players on the other side.

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What’s the game called with the marbles?

Equipment. The game of Solitaire is most commonly played on a 33 point board (as pictured above left) in a cross shape with 32 pegs, marbles or pieces. In France and Sweden a 37 point board is more common with 36 pegs, marbles or pieces.

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