Quick Answer: How To Play Wizard101 For Free?

Can you play Wizard101 without paying?

Wizard101 can be listed as a “Free to Play” game due to allowing players to earn crowns through watching ads and our playing games on their website. To progress in Wizard101 you need either crowns or a membership to play. The game requires you to go through zones to quest and progress to go to the next zone.

Is Wizard101 Free 2020?

Even though Wizard101 is a free-to-play game, in order to continue exploring the Spiral you’ll need to either buy the premium zones or a membership. …or continue reading. This guide can give you some useful information for making your free-to play experience more enjoyable.

How much does it cost to play Wizard 101?

Wizard101 is only $59.95 for ONE YEAR! Wizard101 Members get full access to all game worlds, ranked PvP and Pet Derby matches, more backpack space and much more. Current Members can save by purchasing the $59.95 one year Membership now.

How do you get into Cyclops Lane for free?

In the Olde Town there are 3 guards standing just a little bit away from the tunnel to CL (Cyclops Lane) talk to the guard in the middle and choose the quest “A Giant Problem” and you will have access to Cyclops Lane.

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Is Wizard101 pay to win?

Imagine going to Walmart and instead of being able to buy what you actually wanted they decided to make it so that you pay a set amount of money for a chance to win what you came to Walmart for.

Is Wizard101 a virus?

In general as long as you download Wizard101 directly from the official Wizard101 Website ( https://www.wizard101.com ), it will not contain any viruses or other malware.

Is Wizard101 dead?

Wizard101 is still a game with a following, but it has declined a bit in the coming years due to punctures of trust between consumer and company. If they listen to the community they might make a turnaround back to their glory days.

How long is Wizard101 free?

Re: How long does it take to finish the game? It takes about 5-6 weeks of gameplay. That can be spread over any amount of real time. In actual play time it’s about 5-6 weeks though.

Does Wizard101 delete inactive accounts?

Do they delete inactive accounts? No, they don’t.

What is the best class in Wizard101?

Best schools for soloing are Fire, Ice, Life and Death. Best schools for supporting others are Balance, Life, Ice and Death. Best schools for hitting hard are Storm, Fire, Myth and Life. Best schools for effective mastery of a second school are Balance and Death.

Is Firecat Alley free?

You start with 60 crowns anyway. Firecat alley and dark cave is 750 crowns. Cyclops lane and dark cave is 750 crowns. I know in total you have to spend 1500 crowns, and you buy dark cave twice, but it’s free and easy.

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How do I get firecat alley for free?

firecat alley is NOT a F2P area, in order to access it you must complete the main questline for triton avenue (which ends with defeating the harvest lord) and you must have either a subscription or pay for it with crowns.

What happened to Wizard101?

In 2014, Taomee no longer advertised Wizard101. In April 2015, Wizard101 Taiwan announced that it would shut down on May 25, 2015, but the date was rescheduled to October 15, 2015. Wizard101 China announced its shutdown date as November 1, 2015.

Where is the Kraken Wizard101?

The teleporter behind Sohomer is the one that carries you to the kraken.

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