Quick Answer: How To Play Riffs?

How do you play riffs better?

Here are some tips to make that possible.

  1. Work within scales. If you know certain scales (major, minor, pentatonic, or diminished), you can use those notes to create riffs.
  2. Use modes.
  3. Outline chords.
  4. Mix chords and single notes.
  5. Use rhythm to compose.
  6. Use silence.

What’s the easiest song to learn on guitar?

8 Easy Guitar Songs For Every Beginner

  • “I Wanna Be There” by Blessed Union of Souls.
  • “What’s Up” by Four Non-Blondes.
  • “Love Me Do” by The Beatles.
  • “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.
  • “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.
  • “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

What is the easiest guitar riff?

10 Easy Guitar Riffs for Beginners

  • 3.1 Come as You Are – Nirvana.
  • 3.2 Beat It– Michael Jackson featuring Van Halen.
  • 3.3 Day Tripper – The Beatles.
  • 3.4 Redemption Song – Bob Marley.
  • 3.5 Breaking The Law– Judas Priest.

What is a guitar riff and lick?

The main difference between a guitar lick and a guitar riff is how a melody or idea is used. If the idea is a key part of the song, it’s a guitar riff. If it’s a once-off idea that is part of a solo, it’s a lick. It is a key part of the song and forms the main theme of the song.

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How do you get good at riffs and runs?

Work long tones, including shaping long tones with dynamics and a sense of phrasing. Work scales and runs slowly. Actually, any time you are working on a new and technically difficult piece, work it slowly. When you can do it gracefully at a slow tempo, start building speed, gradually.

What is the most famous guitar riff?

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  • 8) “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – Rolling Stones (1965)
  • 7) “Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin (1969)
  • 6) “Back in Black” – AC/DC (1980)
  • 5) “Beat It” – Michael Jackson (1982)
  • 4) “You Really Got Me” – The Kinks (1964)
  • 3) “Smoke on the Water” – Deep Purple (1972)
  • 2) “Mannish Boy” – Muddy Waters (1955)

What is the coolest guitar?

Top 10 Coolest Electric Guitars of All Time

  • Gibson Les Paul. There can’t be many cooler electric guitars than the Gibson Les Paul.
  • Fender Stratocaster.
  • Gibson SG.
  • Gretsch White Falcon.
  • Fender Telecaster.
  • PRS Custom.
  • Gibson Flying V.
  • Gretsch Country Gentleman.

What are the easiest songs to play on electric guitar?

10 Easy Songs to Learn on the Electric Guitar

  • Smashing Pumpkins: “Cherub Rock”
  • Blue Öyster Cult: “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
  • Willie Dixon: “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
  • Black Uhuru: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
  • Elmore James: “It Hurts Me Too”
  • The Strokes: “Last Nite”
  • The Cars: “My Best Friend’s Girl”
  • Cracker: “Low”

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