Quick Answer: How To Play Pendulum Monsters?

Are pendulum monsters banned?

Konami banned both of these monsters in February of 2018. Astrograph Sorcerer is a level 7 Pendulum Monster with 2500 ATK/2000 DEF. Similar to Chronograph Sorcerer, its Pendulum effect allows it to destroy itself and either Special Summon or place a Stargazer Magician in the Pendulum Zone from the hand or deck.

How do pendulum monsters work?

Pendulum Monster Cards are a new kind of card that blurs the line between Monsters and Spells! They can be Summoned as monsters to attack or defend, or you can activate them as Spell Cards in your Pendulum Zones to activate extra special abilities and allow you to Pendulum Summon.

What are the rules for pendulum summoning?

Once per turn, during the Main Phase, if the turn player has a card with a Pendulum Scale in each of their two Pendulum Zones (for a total of 2 cards), that player can Pendulum Summon any number of monsters from their hand, and/or any number of face-up Pendulum Monsters in their Extra Deck, whose individual Levels or

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Where do you put pendulum monsters?

A Pendulum Monster is sent to the Graveyard like normal if it is sent from any location other than the field (including if it has its activation as a Spell Card or Summon negated).

Can you pendulum summon XYZ monsters?

In that case, according to the Perfect Rulebook: “A face-up Xyz/ Pendulum Monster in the Extra Deck cannot be Xyz Summoned. If the Level written in the card can be Pendulum Summoned, it can be Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck.”

How do pendulum XYZ monsters work?

In most cases, “Xyz Pendulum Monsters” have a condition stating that they can then be Pendulum Summoned after a proper Xyz Summon should their Rank fall within your active Pendulum Scales, and also place themselves into a Pendulum Zone via an effect and serve as a Pendulum Scale themselves.

How do you destroy a pendulum monster?

Pendulum Monster Cards Can’t Be Completely Destroyed Whenever a Pendulum Monster in one of your Monster Card Zones, or a Pendulum Spell Card in one of your Pendulum Zones would be sent to the Graveyard, no matter what the reason, it’s placed face-up in your Extra Deck instead of in the Graveyard.

Do pendulum XYZ materials go to the extra deck?

Answer: Pendulum monsters used as xyz material will go to the graveyard when used as material or when your xyz monster is destroyed, so be careful when xyz summoning because you’ll be unable to resummon them from your extra deck.

Is pendulum summoning activating a spell?

Pendulum Monster Cards can be Summoned like regular monsters in your Monster Zones, or activated as Spell Cards in your Pendulum Zones. They cannot be Set in your Pendulum Zones. You activate them like you would a Normal Spell, during your Main Phases only, and they begin a Chain just like any other Spell Card.

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How many times can you pendulum Summon per turn?

This type of Summon can only be conducted once per turn, but as long as you can keep your Scale in play you’ll be able to do it again and again. The big selling point of Pendulum Monsters is the Pendulum Summon itself.

Can you pendulum summon ritual monsters?

When this card is Pendulum Summoned: You can add 1 Ritual Monster or 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. This card can be used to Ritual Summon any 1 Ritual Monster in your hand. You must also send Normal Monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard whose total Levels equal the Level of that Ritual Monster.

Does a pendulum monster count as a spell?

While in a Pendulum Zone, a Pendulum Monster is treated as a Spell Card and not as a monster. A Pendulum Monster can be activated from the hand as a Spell Card in the player’s Pendulum Zone, but it is not possible for Pendulum Monsters to be Set in the Pendulum Zone.

Do pendulum monsters stay on the field?

Pendulum Monsters are initially stored in the Main Deck but when they would be sent to the field from the graveyard they are instead placed face-up in the Extra Deck instead.

How do XYZ Summons work?

Just like Synchro Monsters, Xyz Monsters have their own type of Summon that you perform when you want to play them. Here’s how Xyz Summons work: When you control 2 face-up monsters with the same Level, put them on top of each other, then put the appropriate Xyz Monster on top of them. That’s an Xyz Summon!

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