Quick Answer: How To Play Executioner Town Of Salem?

What does the executioner do in among us?

What does the EXECUTIONER MOD add to Among Us? This new role will have the objective of getting a specific player voted and, therefore, expelled from the game. If the executioner achieves his goal, he will automatically win the game. The player to be expelled will be indicated at the beginning of the game.

What can I claim as a girlfriend in town of Salem?

Claim to be a Witch and you have been controlling the Serial Killer. Proceed to convince the Town on how lynching you would not benefit over lynching the Serial Killer. You could also try saying you will side with the Mafia.

How do you play consigliere in town of Salem?


  1. As a Consigliere, you are a crucial target for the Coven, Neutral Killings, Vampires, and the Plaguebearer.
  2. If an Investigator claims that you may be a Consigliere, show the Town a role that opposes them and get that person hanged (other than your Mafia friends).

Can vets target EXE?

Just make it so Exe can’t have any unique roles as his targets, since 2 of the other town uniques (Jailor/Mayor) can’t be vet targets right now. If you get a Vet as your target, you have to pray he doesn’t kill anyone N1 and even if he doesn’t you have to play super aggro Day 2 before he manages to kill someone.

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Can Jailor kill SK?

Scenario 1: On night 1, the jailor jails you. He himself cannot kill you, of course, but you will still kill him. He does not add anything to his will, so any claims or accusations between them will not provide use.

Can you still play town of Salem for free?

Town of Salem – Town of Salem moves away from Free To Play – Steam News. After careful thought and consideration we have decided that taking Town of Salem away from a free-to-play model is best for the continued health and community of the game.

What can I claim as Mafioso?

Vigilante is your easiest claim, though if there’s someone acting like a Jester or otherwise obviously evil, the Town might expect you to shoot them. And since it is very well known for a Mafioso to claim Vigilante, you might be lynched or executed by a Jailor.

Who can vampires bite town of Salem?

You can only convert players that have no Defense. Biting members of the Mafia, Coven, a Witch (without Defense), a Guardian Angel, a Pirate, or any roles with no Defense after you have four or more Vampires alive will result in you killing them instead.

What is a wartime consigliere?

To be considered a wartime consigliere, a lawyer needs to constantly demonstrate excellent judgment when dispensing legal advice to clients. She/he should not focus on theoretical risk when counseling clients – but instead a wartime consigliere provides practical, easily digestible and “street smart” advice to clients.

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