Quick Answer: How To Play Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game?

Is DBS card game popular?

Dragon Ball is an incredibly popular franchise, dating back to 1984, with Dragon Ball Z being perhaps its most popular series within. Dragon Ball video games are among the most popular, especially with the recent release of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

How many cards can you have in a DBS deck?

Each booster pack contains 12 cards, which you can use however you like to either customize your starter deck or create your own! (*Your deck must include at least 50 cards and 1 leader card.) *There’s no limit to the kind of decks you can make! Start off by focusing on cards that are the same color as your leader.

Can you play Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online?

Play the App of DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME and learn the rules as you go! * You cannot play online matches, buy cards, or edit decks.

Is the DBZ card game fun?

If you’ve been a player of various TCGs for a while, you may be familiar with this story: A TCG releases, it’s fun and interesting, but it has a few problems. Set after set release, and the problems are never addressed, despite the community’s united distaste for them.

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What is the most expensive Dragon Ball Super Card?

1 Son Goku, The Awakened Power This is the rarest and most expensive Dragon Ball Super CCG card on the market today. It’s the Son Goku, The Awakened Power card from the Tournament of Power theme set. It’s not a signature card either.

How can you tell if a Dragon Ball Z card is rare?

How to tell how rare a DBS card is? You can tell what rarity any Dragon Ball Card is by looking at the bottom right corner of the front of the card. It should have a few letters on the end, these letters are initials for what rarity.

Do unison cards count as battle cards?

Unison Cards are not Battle Cards, so they can’t be KO’d by [Revenge].

What does critical mean in Dragon Ball Super Card Game?

The player who activates a critical damage effect chooses to do one of the following: Capture an opponent’s Dragon Ball, discard an opponent’s Ally in play, or lower their opponent’s anger by 1. A critical damage effect can always be used, even if your opponent has no Dragon Ball or Allies in play and has 0 anger.

Can you combo with Unison cards?

During a battle where your Unison Card is attacking, can you combo? A4. Yes, you can.

How many Unison cards can you have in a deck?

Deck Creation How many cards can I have in my deck? A1. 1 Leader Card and 50 to 60 Battle/Extra/Unison Cards. You cannot have more than 60 cards or less than 50 cards in your deck.

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Is there a Dragon Ball Super Card Game app?

The BCC App supports players and the tournaments they participate in! Join in and race for the top of the point rankings!

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