Question: How To Play Udyr?

Is UDYR good lol?

Udyr isn’t a champion associated with high-level League of Legends gameplay. The jungler wasn’t even really played by anyone for years. Thanks to the League Season 11 item rework, Udyr is now a popular pick with a surprisingly powerful kit.

Is UDYR a good Jungler?

Udyr might not be the best at anything, but he’s good at many different things. He may not out duel everyone, but he out duels a lot of champs. He may not be the fastest jg farmer in the game, but he contends for those spots. His ganks might not be the best, but they are competent.

How do I get good at UDYR?


  1. Udyr players will often start in the jungle and only appear to gank in lanes. Try warding key locations to keep track of his movement.
  2. Once the initial shield effect has faded, Turtle Stance is weak against other champions.
  3. Some. Udyr players buy tank items to become very durable.

Is UDYR easy?

User Info: FreshSushi. Udyr isn’t hard to play. Everything is just decision making. If you’re not actually good at the game, you’ll fail with Udyr cause he doesn’t have any real op mechanic to make up for your derp like a ton of other champs.

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What do you max on UDYR?

You can max bear if you are vs a really mobile team, but the free HP from the turtle shield is what makes Udyr so persistent in team fights and able to tank tower shots in sieges.

How many skins does UDYR have?

Udyr has 5 skins (6 including classic).

Is Udyr a top Laner?

Udyr is fine, just not top tier. Play him if you want. It won’t matter how meta-appropriate he is unless you’re climbing towards high Diamond.

Can Udyr play top?

nope. honestly. I don’t think udyr top wins a single matchup in that lane. It’s pretty easy to obliterate most melee top laners.

What Lane is UDYR LOL?

After that, you can start leveling up E Bear Stance followed by W Turtle Stance. What Lane Is Udyr? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position.

Why is UDYR picked in pro?

Pyosik has also been playing the champion in solo queue with marginal success and recently brought it into scrims where it saw enough positive results to warrant a pick in a professional match. He highlighted the champion’s high movement speed and its ease of play, even at a professional level.

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