Question: How To Play Miserlou?

Is Misirlou easy?

In the realm of Middle Eastern music, the song is a very simple one, since it is little more than going up and down the Hijaz Kar or double harmonic scale (E-F-G#-A-B-C-D#). It still remains a well known Greek, Klezmer and Arab folk song.

What mode is miserlou?

You hear the fifth mode of harmonic minor in the songs “Misirlou” by Dick Dale and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. “Misirlou” is played along the 6th string centering on E but using notes from A harmonic minor.

What scale does Misirlou use?

The Arabic scale (in the key of E) was used in Nikolas Roubanis’s “Misirlou”, and in the Bacchanale from the opera Samson and Delilah by Saint-Saëns. Claude Debussy used the scale in “Soirée dans Grenade”, “La Puerta del Vino”, and “Sérénade interrompue” to evoke Spanish flamenco music or Moorish heritage.

How many BPM is Misirlou?

Misirlou is played at 172 Beats Per Minute (Presto), or 43 Measures/Bars Per Minute.

What is Misirlou played on?

Dale’s surf guitar version had a resurgence in popularity when it appeared in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino blockbuster Pulp Fiction. This song is in standard tuning, so tune your guitar to E A D G B E. Dale launches straight into ferocious 16th notes on the sixth string.

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What scale is used in Middle Eastern music?

The Persian scale is a musical scale occasionally found in guitar scale books, along with other scales inspired by Middle Eastern music. It is characterized by the liberal use of half steps (4), augmented seconds (2), and frequent use of chromaticism.

What mode is used in Middle Eastern music?

To the Western ear, the key differences are microtones and modes. Western classical music long ago settled on one mode —the familiar white-and-black piano key sequence. Arabic music uses many, called maqāmāt, that employ half-flats and other notes between the cracks.

What is the Arabic scale?

Arabic scale may refer to: Double harmonic scale, a scale with two augmented seconds. Quarter tone scale, or 24 tone equal temperament. 17 equal temperament, a tuning dividing the octave into 17 equal steps.

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