Question: How To Play City Of Stars?

What grade is City of Stars Piano?

The music is written in the most conventional homophonic form, with left-hand playing the riff, giving a steady groove; while right hand singing the melody. Suitable for Grade 4 and above.

What key is City of stars in?

City of Stars by La La Land is in the key of F# Minor. It should be played at a tempo of 98 BPM. This track was released in 2016.

What genre is City of Stars?

My opinion – City of Stars is a romantic ballad, sung by both romantic leads, a sort of show type song. Most likely, as is, it doesn’t sound that jazzy. I’m sure it could be made to sound more like “jazz” in the right hands.

What is the time signature for City of Stars?

Set in a lilting 3/4 time signature, this languorous, meandering theme perfectly captures the vertiginous state of suspended animation that often accompanies falling in love.

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