Question: How To Play Carry On Wayward Son On Guitar?

Is Carry on My Wayward Son major or minor?

Carry On My Wayward Son is written in the key of A Minor.

What is the meaning behind Carry on Wayward Son?

“It’s an autobiographical song,” he explains. “Parallel to my musical career I’ve always been on a spiritual sojourn, looking for truth and meaning. It was a song of self-encouragement. I was telling myself to keep on looking and I would find what I sought.”

What key is Carry on My Wayward Son in?

Carry On Wayward Son is written in the key of C Major.

Is Carry on My Wayward Son on Guitar Hero?

Carry On Wayward Son is a song by Kansas. It is the second encore song in Guitar Hero II for PlayStation 2 and the first song for the 3rd tier on the Xbox 360 version.

Is Carry On Wayward Son about death?

Jacqueline from Detroit, MiI heard this song can also be about someone fighting in Vietnam kind of talking about a soldier who is fighting (“carry on my wayward son), or even one about to die (“there’ll be peace when you are done”). Just a thought.

Who Sing Carry on My Wayward Son?

Carry On by Fun. is in the key of F Major.

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What is the tempo for Carry on Wayward Son Kansas?

Carry On Wayward Son is played at 123 Beats Per Minute (Allegro), or 31 Measures/Bars Per Minute.

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