Question: How To Get Animal Jam Play Wild Beta?

How do you get betas on Animal Jam Play Wild?

Beta Testing Gems are the first and the main currency in Play Wild. Each Jammers received 2,500 Gems when signed-in. They can be earned from playing minigames or recycling items. In the Beta Testing, they could be spent on clothing, furniture, wallpaper or flooring.

Are betas coming back to Ajpw?

-Technically, beta items released in Play Wild are not beta anymore. This means that there is no beta items in Play Wild.

Will Animal Jam Play Wild shut down in 2020?

Animal Jam Classic does not end with Flash in 2020. We’ve created a downloadable client that can be used on PCs to continue the fun. You can find instructions on how to use this version of Animal Jam Classic right now.

What are the codes for Animal Jam?

Here are all active, working, and latest Animal Jam Classic codes:

  • cuddlykoala: Get 750 Gems.
  • jammerjoey: Get 750 Gems.
  • coolpolarbear: Get 750 Gems.
  • curiousraccoon: Get 750 Gems.
  • adorableotter: Get 750 Gems.
  • funnyfox: Get 750 Gems.
  • fuzzytiger: Get 750 Gems.
  • cheerycheetah: Get 750 Gems.
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Is computer Beta Animal Jam?

The Computer is a members-only den item that was first released during Beta Testing and went on clearance afterward. On June 19, 2013, it returned to Jam Mart Furniture but was removed from stores on July 29, 2014.

What are clothing betas worth?

How many diamonds is a clothing betas worth? If you don’t feel like reading all that math, this means Clothing Betas should be priced at around 15,000 gems or 3 diamonds. RIMs are worth about 1/8th a clothing beta which is 1,875 gems.

What is a home theater worth in Ajpw?

The Home Theater is a den item. It was originally released in the Beta Testing at Jam Mart Furniture for 500 Gems. The item was relocated to Sapphire Shop in May 2016 for 10 Sapphires.

What are beta items in Animal Jam?

Betas are items that were available during the Beta Testing period of Animal Jam, which ended on September 9, 2010.

How much is a den Beta worth?

Den Betas are used as a base for trading alongside spikes and are extremely popular in the community. Notices: Non-member den betas are NOT worth 2 member den betas; they are worth 1.5, or a member den beta and 1-2 clothing beta(s).

When did the beta days end on Animal Jam?

The open beta allowed anyone to test out the game without restriction until September 9, 2010, when the game was officially released.

When did Animal Jam Classic Beta end?

It returned on May 6, 2021, and left on June 3, 2021.

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Is Animal Jam dying?

In closing, Animal Jam is NOT dying. Although we’ve had some pretty big Jammers quit, it only paves the way for a new generation to take the stand. Animal Jam is a very popular game, and won’t be closing down anytime soon.

Does Animal Jam have a virus?

When I started playing Animal Jam, I thought it was just an educational, safe and fun game for kids. But that all changed when the virus started. The virus was a virus that came from a certain rare item called: “Phantom Blood”. It was a huge jar of purple liquid that you can put in your den.

What is the rarest item in Animal Jam?

Founders Hats are the RAREST Animal Jam item you can get!

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