Question: How To Beat Emily Wants To Play Too?

How do you beat Emily wants to play?

What you actually want to do is stare at her as if you were playing a staring contest. You’ll hear a giggle when she’s behind you, and she’ll sometimes turn the lights off when she enters your room. Immediately locate her and do not take your eyes off of her until she disappears.

How long does it take to beat Emily wants to play?

How long does it take to beat Emily Wants to Play Too? The estimated time to complete all 14 Emily Wants to Play Too achievements is 3-4 hours.

How do you stop Weasl in Emily wants to play too?

If the player hears a music box, it means Weasl is nearby. The player must find the music box and disable it.

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Is there a way to beat Emily is away?

There is no good ending. An article made some rounds on Steam stating that the best ending was simply to hit the shutdown button; as the only winning move is not to play.

How many times do you have to find Emily in Emily wants to play?

Emily Wants To Play Too She will charge out of the vent; the protagonist must run away from her until they reach the next hour. At 6:00 AM, the protagonist must find her three times before 7:00 AM.

What happens at 4am in Emily wants to play?

In this hour, known as “Freezie Tags” the protagonist must chase all seven antagonists and tag them before time runs out. Once all the antagonists are frozen, the game progresses to 5 AM.

How long to beat Emily wants to play 2?

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  • Main Story. 2 Hours.
  • Main + Extras. 2 Hours.
  • Completionist. 4 Hours.
  • All Styles. 2½ Hours.

Where is the flashlight in Emily wants to play?

A flashlight can be found in the player’s apartment, it may be used to see in the dark. Another flashlight may be found in the warehouse at Central Evidence. The flashlight should be on the desk to the right as you first enter. The flashlight is incredibly mandatory, as it is used to scare off Max.

Who are the characters in Emily wants to play too?


  • Emily.
  • Weasl.
  • Maxwell Steele.
  • Greta.

What to do when you see the clown in Emily Wants To Play?

Generally, a good idea is to keep her within your field of vision as you make your way to the nearest doorway. She’ll continue to appear randomly throughout the game. By 2am, the Clown enters the fray. If you see or hear the clown, remaining still will cause him to disappear.

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Who is Kiki in Emily Wants To Play?

Kiki is a supporting antagonist in the PC video game Emily Wants To Play. She is one of the Dolls that Emily has befriended when she talked to them and has helped her when she died in the basement of her house after she, and her parents moved away from their old home.

Can you hook up with Emily in Emily is away?

If the character doesn’t set boundaries and Emily visits, it turns out that Emily and the character ended up hooking up, and Emily feels like she was taken advantage of when she was vulnerable.

Is Emily is away 3 out?

Emily is Away 3 is coming out April 16th! Steam:

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