Often asked: Paladins How To Play Ying?

How does Ying heal in Paladins?

When playing Ying, your main focus is your illusions – as you play more you will get a general nack for it, but here’s some general tips and ideas of where to place them: On The Cart; will be carried with the cart, so it continuously heals. It can be hard to place, don’t get yourself killed trying.

What does Ying’s ultimate do?

Ying’s Ultimate ability, Illusory Rift, applies a strong healing buff to all of her allies, that also allows her movement skill to also teleport to an ally’s current positions.

Who voices Ying in Paladins?

Cristina Valenzuela is the voice of Ying in Paladins: Champions of the Realm.

How many Candelas does Ying have?

Ying R6 operator comes equipped with 3 Candelas. Each Candela has six flash charges where the single charge can blind the defender within its effective range.

Is Doc A 1 speed?

TEAM – Defender / ARMOR – 3 / SPEED – 1.

Is Echo immune to Dokkaebi?

Echo is no longer immune to Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb. Additionally, if Dokkaebi is present in the round, Echo drops a phone that can be hacked when he is killed. When Dokkaebi hacks the Defender’s Observation Tools system, access to the Yokai cameras is also granted for Attackers.

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What does Maeve say in Paladins?

” Defend right flank! ” “Defend!” “Defend zhe payload!” “Defend zhe objective!”

Who is the voice of killua?

Cristina Valenzuela is the English dub voice of Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Mariya Ise is the Japanese voice.

Who does Lindsay Seidel voice?

Best known for her voice of Nagisa Shiota in Assassination Classroom, Meme Tatane in Soul Eater NOT!, Aisa Himegami in A Certain Magical Index, Maya Fey in Ace Attorney and Nejire Hado in My Hero Academia.

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