Often asked: How To Play Starbound With Friends?

How do you play with other people in Starbound?

Head to the upper left of your screen, near your player avatar, and click on the plus sign. Enter the name of your friend(s) to invite them to a party. Once you’re all in a group, party members can click on the avatars of each other to teleport to that group member’s ship.

How do I find my friend in Starbound?

On your character portrait on the top left you will see a little yellow plus sign. Click that plus sign then type in your friend’s character’s name. He will get a buddy invite. He clicks accept.

How do I play Starbound with my friend on Xbox game pass?

Simply right click a player’s name in your friends list and select ‘Join Game’. According to the Starbound Steam Charts, an average of 1,800 people play Starbound and 26,000 people play Terraria concurrently on Steam in May 2021.

How do I host a dedicated Starbound server?

r/starbound Just connect to your IP via menu while hosting a dedicated server. Steam’s a little finicky about launching the game if it also was used to launch the dedicated server. Just run the game exe manually right from the install folder and it’ll launch alongside your dedicated server just fine.

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Is Starbound local multiplayer?

Multiplayer is a feature available to the players of Starbound. To play Starbound in multiplayer, you need to find the IP address of a server. Servers can either be locally hosted, or setup as a dedicated server, you can also rent a starbound dedicated game server from a Starbound Game Server Providers.

How many players can play Starbound?

You need to host a server for more than 4 people, and there’s no limit if you do so.

Can you see each other in Starbound?

One of you has to add the other as a party member, and you both have to be on the same planet to actually see each others’ characters. You don’t start on the same planet.

How does Starbound multiplayer work?

Multiplayer refers to playing together with other player controlled characters in game. Each instance of the game is housed on a server, which players must connect to in order to play together. The servers are not centralized or run by Chucklefish, meaning all servers will be player moderated public or private.

How do you use console commands in Starbound?

In admin mode, commands can be used by typing a / followed by the keyword for the command. Admin mode can be toggled on and off using the command /admin. Admin mode is only required for admin and debugging commands – basic commands can be used even without admin privileges.

Is Starbound multiplayer on Xbox?

Starbound has been built from the ground up to be multiplayer and easily moddable. You have the tools to make the universe your own and modify the game to suit your play style – add new items, races, planet types, dungeons, and quests – the possibilities are limitless.

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Is Starbound coming to Xbox One?

Starbound coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One via Game Preview! We’re super excited to announce that Xbox One owners will be able to play Starbound on console via Xbox One Game Preview for the very first time!

Is Starbound worth playing?

It’s more than worth what it’s on sale for. It likely won’t be receiving any further updates (since it was considered finished back in 2016), has some performance issues with CPUs that don’t have strong single-thread performance, but it’s a nice, relaxing little space sandbox.

How much RAM does a Starbound server need?

System Requirements for Starbound Dedicated Server 0 or later for Mac OS, Debian Stable or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or later for Linux users. As far as the memory requirements are considered, a 2 GB RAM and 3 GB free hard disc space is considered more than enough.

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