Often asked: How To Play Seven Bridges Road?

How many harmonies are in Seven Bridges Road?

“Seven Bridges Road” is a song written by American musician Steve Young, recorded in 1969 for his Rock Salt & Nails album. It has since been covered by many artists, the best-known version being a five-part harmony arrangement by English musician Iain Matthews recorded by the American rock band Eagles in 1980.

Is the Seven Bridges Road a real place?

Wayne Greenhaw, an Alabama journalist and author who accompanied Young the day he was inspired to write the song, identified the location as Woodley Road, shown above.

Where is the Seven Bridges Road The Eagles song about?

The “Seven Bridges Road” is Woodley Road in Montgomery, Alabama. This song describes the emotions the singer feels as he travels the road, which does have seven bridges and moss covered trees.

Who sings Seven Bridges Road?

Seven Bridges is the leading biomedical data company, specializing in software and data analytics to drive public and private healthcare research.

Who wrote the Seven Bridges Road?

Singer-songwriter Steve Young, best known for penning the Eagles’ hit “Seven Bridges Road” and Waylon Jennings’ outlaw anthem “Lonesome, On’ry, and Mean,” died Thursday night after a brief stay in a Nashville-area hospice.

How long is 7 Bridges Road Duluth MN?

The Seven Bridges Road is a four mile section of Skyline Parkway on the east end of Duluth, Minnesota, where the Parkway follows Amity Creek from the top of the bluffs down to Lake Superior. This 400 foot drop is essentially one long cascade of waterfalls.

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What year did Seven Bridges Road come out?


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