Often asked: How To Play Polly?

What tuning is Polly in?

“Polly” is composed in the key of E minor, while Cobain’s vocal range spans one octave and one note, from a low of D3 to a high of E4. The song has a basic sequence of Em–G5–D–C5 in the verses and D–C5–G–B♭5 during the refrain as its chord progression.

What is a Polly chord?

In music and music theory, a polychord consists of two or more chords, one on top of the other. In shorthand they are written with the top chord above a line and the bottom chord below, for example F upon C: FC. 15, and Rite of Spring, “Dance of the Adolescents” (1921) (see Petrushka chord).

Is Polly in standard tuning?

In this quick and easy guitar lesson, I am going to show you how to play Nirvana’s much loved acoustic classic “Polly” in it’s entirety. The guitar will be tuned to standard tuning for this Polly guitar lesson and the song starts with the verse chords. These are just 4 simple power chords.

What is the D chord?

The D chord is a major triad, made up of three notes: D, the root; F#, the third; and A, the fifth, as shown in Example 1. As I’ve mentioned previously, many chord shapes feature doubled notes.

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What is E power chord?

An E power chord is just made up of 2 notes. An E and B. If you look at the most basic open position E5 chord, you are just playing an open E on the 6th string, and a B note on the 5th string. Stack another B on top of that on the 3rd string and you get this E power chord…

What is the easiest Nirvana song to play on guitar?

Top easy songs by Nirvana to play on guitar

  • All Apologies. Nirvana. C;F;G. C.
  • Come As You Are. Nirvana. A;C;D;Em;G. C.
  • Molly’s Lips. Nirvana. C;G.
  • Something in the way. Nirvana. D;F#m.

What tuning is about a girl?

“About a Girl” is composed in the key of E minor, while Kurt Cobain’s vocal range spans one octave and six notes, from the low-note of B3 to the high-note of A4.

What tuning is about a girl Unplugged in?

First of all, on the unplugged album, the guitars are tuned down a semi-tone for some reason which means the tuning will look like this: D# (E) A# (B) F# (G) C# (D) G# (A) D# (E) Although these are the notes that the guitar will be playing, I will still write them as E A D G B E because it’s just easier.

What tuning is come as you are in?

The tuning (thick string to thin) will be D G C F A D. To play along with the unplugged version you tune down half as much, so one semitone down. You can Capo 1 and tune as normal and then remove the capo or use your tuner to tune to Eb, A, D, G, Bb, Eb.

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What key is Smells Like Teen Spirit?

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a grunge, alternative rock, and hard rock song. It was recorded in the original key of F minor and follows a Fm-B♭m–A♭–D♭ chord progression, with the main guitar riff constructed from four power chords played in a syncopated sixteenth note strum by Cobain.

Is come as you are in drop D?

This song is actually in “D-Standard” tuning, and I explain how to re-tune your guitar, BUT to keep things simple, we’re going to stay in “E-Standard” tuning (the regular one) so no worries there!

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