Often asked: How To Play Fives?

What is the game of fives?

Fives, a ball game played by two or four players in a court enclosed on three or four sides, the hard ball being struck with the hand usually protected by a glove. The derivation of the word fives is doubtful.

What is the rule of fives alcohol?

Fives is very similar to fingers except there is no pint glass. Instead, you all sit around in a circle with your arms out in front of you with your hands clenched into a fist. Going clockwise you need to guess how many fingers will be showing.

How do you score all fives in dominoes?

Scoring: A player is awarded points every time he makes a play that results in the open ends of the tiles in the line of play adding up to a multiple of 5. (5 points for 5 pips; 10 points for 10 pips; 15 points for 15 pips; and so on.)

What skills do you need to play fives?


  • First Touch. The smaller size of the 5 aside pitch means that it can often be difficult to find space to receive the ball.
  • Skill Moves. Using skill moves in a fives can be an effective way to create space, loose a marker or just down right embarrass the defender!
  • Shoot on Sight.
  • Passing.
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What 5S means?

noun – plural One “calls fives” to claim, for example, a spot on a sofa when one gets up to use the bathroom. Anyone is permitted to sit in the seat during the person’s absence, but must give it up immediately when that person returns. One would say, “I’ve got fives” while getting up from a seat.

How do you play spoof with coins?

Basically it is a guessing game involving coins. Each player draws some number of coins between zero and three from their pocket and holds them concealed within a clenched hand. If more than three are held this is deemed to count as three. The denomination of the coin is irrelevant, its just the number that counts.

What is shotgun in Cribbage?

Shotgun Cribbage It starts by a cut of the deck to determine who deals first (lowest card). The dealer then deals four cards to each player (there is no crib in this game). Players use the skunk line as the starting point, only the last 31 points are used.

How many points is a blank domino?

Each player’s score is tallied by adding up all the pips or numbers on his remaining tiles. A double-blank tile is worth 50 points.

How do you win in dominoes?

One player wins the hand by placing his last domino. At that time, he calls “domino.” The other players turn up all the dominoes remaining in their hands and count the dots. The total of the dots on the un-played dominoes of the other players is the score for the winning player for that hand.

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How do spinners work in dominoes?

The pips plus Spinners are counted on all un-played dominoes left in each player’s hand at the end of each hand. Each dot or pip is counted for its value and each Spinner symbol is counted as 10. The Double Spinner counts 20. For example, a domino with 7 pips on one end and a Spinner on the other counts 17 points.

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