Often asked: How To Play Doumbek?

Is doumbek easy to learn?

This course will teach you all the basics of playing the Darbuka Dounbek Goblet drum originating in the Middle East. The drum dates back over 2000 years ago to it’s beginnings in Babylon. Finding teachers for this instrument isn’ t easy, but with this course you can learn at your own speed and in your own time.

What’s the difference between djembe and doumbek?

The doumbek drum. Djembes tend to have a much warmer tone, and as the size varies, a djembe can be much louder than the doumbek or darbuka, as well. Doumbeks and darbuka drums are much sharper in tone and attack, perfect for close-quarters on stage where the focus is mostly on the dancer, and much less on the drum.

How do you play a goblet drum?

The goblet drum may be played while held under one arm (usually the non-dominant arm) or by placing it sideways upon the lap (with the head towards the player’s knees) while seated. Some drums are also made with strap mounts so the drum may be slung over the shoulder, to facilitate playing while standing or dancing.

What is the easiest type of drum to play?

Caruba chooses the cajon because it’s “easy to play, and a drummer can quickly relate to the kick/snare/hi-hat drumset patterns that can be emulated.

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What are the two sounds that a Doumbek can make?

There are three basic sounds you can create on the Doumbek; Doum, Tek, and Ka.

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