Often asked: How To Play Cosmic Encounter?

Is cosmic encounter a party game?

It’s a party in the Cosmos, and everyone’s invited. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce Cosmic Alliance, the third expansion for Cosmic Encounter! This new addition to the beloved game of galactic politics brings 20 alien races, both original and classic, exploding onto your tabletop.

How good is cosmic encounter?

Cosmic Encounter gives your easy-to-learn rules, then spends all of its time giving you fun and surprising ways to break them. It’s endlessly replayable, regularly hilarious, and frequently chaotic, and we love it.

Is Cosmic Encounter fun with 4 players?

The game works great with 4 players in my experience.

What can you negotiate in cosmic encounter?

In a deal, one or both players may give the other a maximum of one colony on a planet the player occupies, and/or any number of cards from his or her hand, the number and type of which are determined by the negotiating players.

Who is main player in cosmic encounter?

The main players in an encounter are the offense, the player currently taking a turn, and the defense, the player with whom the offense is having an encounter (which is generally the player whose color was drawn from the destiny deck).

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Can you play cosmic encounter with 6 players?

The base game supports five players. Add Cosmic Incursion for a 6th player (and the mighty Rewards deck variant). If your group keeps going, you can add Cosmic Conflict and Cosmic Alliance to get up to 8 players total.

Who wins ties in cosmic encounter?

An attack 08. Attack cards __ are encounter cards with double-digit numbers on them. When played in an encounter, an attack card’s value is added to the number of ships on the player’s side, and the higher total wins the encounter (with the defense winning in case of a tie).

Can you play Cosmic Encounter Online?

Yes, you can still play Cosmic Encounter Online!

How do you use tech cards in cosmic encounter?

To play with technology, after normal setup is completed, shuffle the technology deck and deal two tech cards to each player. Each player chooses one to keep face down in his or her home system and one to discard face up. Keep the rest of the tech deck face down within reach.

What is a cosmic quake?

A cosmic quake is a special event that occurs if there are no cards remaining in the cosmic deck or discard pile and a player attempts to draw one or more cards from the cosmic deck. No other decks besides the cosmic deck cause a cosmic quake; they simply run out and no more cards can be drawn from them.

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