Often asked: How To Play Amazing Grace On The Flute?

What are the notes on a Native American flute?

A Native American flute in the key of A will play a mode one pentatonic scale consisting of the notes A, C, D, E, G. A flute in the key of G will play a mode one pentatonic scale consisting of the notes G, A#, C, D, F.

Are grace notes counted?

Grace notes are written in a score as smaller notes set slightly apart from the primary ones. They aren’t counted and don’t contribute to a measure’s number of beats. Notes quickly played around central notes are called ornaments or embellishments. They serve to decorate or “ornament” a note.

How do grace notes work?

Unlike notes with short durations, such as sixteenth notes and thirty-second notes, grace notes do not maintain the rhythmic pulse of a piece of music; they go by too quickly to affect the tempo of a piece. Instead, grace notes almost function like half of a trill, minus either an upper mordent or lower mordent.

What is a slashed grace note?

The slashed grace note is a small note, while the main note appears full-size. Typically the two notes are connected by a slur. A slashed grace note followed by a normal-sized principal note means the composer wants you to glide through the first note and sound the main note on a strong beat.

What are the notes to Amazing Grace?

Amazing Grace in C, F, & G. “Amazing Grace” is a nice traditional tune, commonly sung in churches around the world. For the piano player just learning to play the melody, it provides four slightly different hand positions, which will help you continue developing your finger and keyboard awareness.

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What scents are in Amazing Grace?


  • Top – bergamot, lemon, neroli.
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What is D on recorder?

Playing high and low D isn’t hard on the recorder. High D is on the 4th line from the bottom and is played with the middle finger on the second hole. Low D is on the space below the staff and is played thumb, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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