How To Play Sonic Cd?

How do you get good future in Sonic CD?

If you destroy the robot machine or the Metal Sonic projector, you create a good future. Destroy one of them in Act one and Act two and you will get the good future for Act 3.

What do the Time Stones do in Sonic CD?

Collecting all the Time Stones unlocks the good ending of the game. In addition, by getting all the Time Stones, anytime the player travels to the future in a Zone, they will always get the good future, meaning they can enjoy a beautiful landscape and not face any Badniks.

Is Sonic CD easy?

Compared to Sonic’s other beloved Genesis-era titles, Sonic CD is an oddity, to say the least. It can be completed within ninety minutes on a first attempt, without even trying to speedrun. Its bosses are easy, its stages are short, and its plot is a rudimentary affair constrained by having only four named characters.

What does the hidden message in Sonic CD say?

Many might not know that Sonic CD includes a secret sound test that hides a creepy room with an even creepier message on its walls. You’ll end up with the secret sound test screen. Then from here, you’ll have to tweak the three numbers you see on the screen so it says the following: FM No. 46, PCM No.

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What animal is Amy Rose?

Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog and Sonic’s self-proclaimed girlfriend.

Can Sonic time travel?

But one thing you might’ve not realized was that in that game, Sonic (who celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021) could actually time travel. He would start in the present and then would have the availability to jump to the past or the future on different levels.

Why was Sonic CD changed?

They changed the soundtrack very late in development since they wanted more complex and western-sounding music for the US release. Only the past level themes were left intact. It doesn’t help that the boss music plays when you find the creepy Sonic Easter egg.

How difficult is Sonic CD?

This is an incredibly claustrophobic game. Sonic rarely ever hits his infinity-feet stride before being pulled up by a wall, spring or bizarre rotating platform. If you play Sonic games by holding right and jumping now and then, you’ll fail hard at Sonic CD.

Is Sonic CD bad ending canon?

In Sonic CD it’s explained that Little Planet appears over Never Lake on the last month of every year. So the bad ending is not canon, it’s just that Little Planet has reappeared.

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