How To Play Seekers Notes?

How do you get rubies in seekers notes?

You can get rubies by leveling up, completing certain quests, unlocking certain Achievements in the game, and for watching ad videos. You can also get rubies from guardian’s cards and in the special Emerald Mystery event. You can get rubies for linking your Facebook account, but only once.

What is the order of modes in seekers notes?

Silhouette mode: you are shown the silhouettes of the required objects. Night mode: you are given a list of objects as text, but the location is darkened. Match mode: you need to find identical objects hidden in a location. Morph mode: you need to find objects that transform and change into other objects.

How do you win seekers notes?

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve Every Puzzle

  1. Follow The Story.
  2. Scores Do Not Matter.
  3. Think Creatively.
  4. Pinch And Zoom.
  5. Beware Of Anomalies.
  6. Watch Ads For Freebies And Buffs.
  7. Try Out The Minigames.
  8. Banish The Monsters.
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What good are coins in seekers notes?

Coins are required for crafting talismans and various items you need to trade with merchants, banish, or placate creatures. You can craft these items from the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor (shown in purple on the map).

How do you get free energy in seekers notes?

Note: you get free energy points every time you get gifts from your trophies, banish or placate creatures, trade with townspeople, or increase your rank in locations and puzzles. Also, all of your energy is restored every time you level up.

How many levels are in seekers notes?

As of the 1.0. 6 update there are currently 10 different Ranks available for each Hidden Object Location and Puzzle in the game.

How do you accept friends on seekers notes?

You can invite the random player to become game Friends by pressing the ‘Add’ button. They will then go to your Waiting Tab until they either accept or decline your invitation. Note: all players are included in the pool that the Random list is generated from. This includes people who have stopped playing the game.

How do you use anomalies in seekers notes?

The user steps to summon are as follows: To use a Summoning item to Summon an Anomaly, open the Inventory and go to the ‘Anomalies’ section (Gargoyle symbol). Find and tap on a Summoning item to bring up an Information Window about that item. There are two options in the Information Window – ‘Use’ or ‘Cancel’.

Where are the items in seekers notes?

Collection items can be found while exploring locations, solving puzzles, and charging friends’ locations and trophies. Each collection consists of five collection items. You will need fixers in order to assemble collections. Fixers can be found by exploring locations and solving puzzles.

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What is the highest level in seekers notes?

List of Game Level Requirements. Below is a table of game levels 1-800. There is no limit to how high you can increase your game level, but as of the 3rd of February 2016, the highest ranked player in the Top 100 players for experience points has a game level of only 155.

How do you level up fast in seekers notes?

Every time you explore a location successfully, solve a puzzle, visit a friend, or complete a quest you earn experience points (blue stars) that advance you toward the next level. You can also get experience from trophies on your desk.

How do you get artifacts in seekers notes?

Fixers for creating artifacts can only be obtained by assembling collections or requesting them as gifts from your friends by adding them to your Wish List. Once you have obtained all of the items and fixers you need to assemble an artifact the “Combine” button will turn green.

How do you do haunted lights in seekers notes?

In this puzzle you need to create a string of lightbulbs of the same color. To do this, draw a continuous line linking at least 3 lightbulbs of the same color. If you combine 6 lightbulbs of the same color, a special lightbulb will appear randomly on the game board.

Why can’t I update seekers notes?

Find the Seekers Notes app in the bottom part of the Account window. Try updating the game. 2) If you are using an Android device, please try clearing cache for the Play Store. Settings>Applications>Application manager, tap on the Google Play store and tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

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