How To Play New Map Pubg?

How do I select a map in New PUBG?

To use this utility, simply select the map you want to play, click on “Set maps to use” and then start your game. Voilà, now you’ll play only your preferred map.

Is the new PUBG map on Xbox?

PUBG Taego map release date For console players, the Taego map release date is on July 15th. This means that the Taego map release is part of the PUBG 12.2 update.

What is PUBG new map?

PUBG is back with its first new map in a while, and it’s set in Korea. The new map, Taego, is part of the game’s 12.2 update, which also adds a self-revive item, a mini-battle royale to get you back into a match after you die, and dozens of other changes. Taego is an 8-km-by-8-km map set in the Korean countryside.

Where is the map in PUBG mobile?

There are two ways to check the map – you can check the mini-map, which represents the area surrounding your character, or open the world map with “M” button. The mini-map is also useful for monitoring if the player moved away from the white/blue zone or ended up in the red one.

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What is FPP and TPP in PUBG?

TPP is short for ‘third-person perspective ‘ which is the game mode in which you view the game as if you were a person standing behind the character you are playing as. PUBG Mobile allows you to choose between FPP and TPP. While you can switch from TPP to FPP in-game, you cannot switch from FPP during a match.

Will there be a PUBG 2?

PUBG 2 release date it set for sometime in 2022. We don’t have a specific date yet, but Krafton has confirmed the game is in the works.

Which is the largest map in PUBG?

Miramar is the traditional 8×8 map size with more of a desert theme. By sheer land mass, it is the biggest map in PUBG with the vast majority of the space being filled by land and a couple of small cities.

Which map is most played in PUBG?

Which PUBG Map Is The Best?

  1. Erangel.
  2. Vikendi.
  3. Sanhok. Kicking off the top three, it’s Sanhok.
  4. Paramo. Coming in at #4, we have Paramo.
  5. Miramar. Miramar was the second map ever released into PUBG.
  6. Karakin. Just a size up from Haven, we have Karakin.
  7. Haven. The newest PUBG map is also probably the worst.

What is PUBG taego?

PUBG Taego release times confirmed – here’s when the new map goes live. Other than the map, new features coming in the 12.2 update include a possibly game-changing self-revive mechanic, new guns, a new airdrop type, and a new vehicle in the form of the Hyundai Pony Coupe.

Is PUBG dying 2020?

For the past two years, the battle royale has been drowned out by its competition. Now in 2020, Call of Duty Warzone seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the title. Sadly, the player count as of June 2020 sits at 230,329.

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Is there self-revive in PUBG?

The alleged self-revive feature for PUBG has been confirmed, and will be a part of the Taego 12.2 update. PUBG’s Taego update is set for July 7. The trailer for the update, showed a character keeled over, with an animation to suggest that they were using a self-revive of some kind.

What are the new weapons in PUBG?

There’s a new gun called the Lynx AMR which is “PUBG’s first anti-materiel rifle”, in other words, “a semi-automatic crate gun capable of damaging military equipment and armor, in addition to players and vehicles”.

Is Erangel a real place?

Erangel is the first playable map created for PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It is a fictional Russian island located in the Black Sea.

Where can I find PUBG enemy?

Using your peripheral vision will help you gain extra intel while keeping a tab of your enemy at the same time. Keep your crosshair low and quickly scan the nearby areas to observe subtle movements on the ground.

Which is the smallest map in PUBG?

PUBG’s smallest map, Sanhok, is a dense island full of trees and hills. Rivers split the island into 3 major sections, so players will have to assess the risks of crossing through water or over one of the island’s many bridges.

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