How To Play Georgia On My Mind Piano?

Did Willie Nelson singing Georgia On My Mind?

In 1985, Nelson teamed with Charles during a Nashville Network concert simply titled The Willie Nelson Special. The pair’s performance of “Georgia on My Mind” was a highlight of the program, as the two longtime friends sat together at the piano to trade vocals on the song, as seen above.

What time signature is Georgia On My Mind?

Georgia on My Mind is played at 73 Beats Per Minute (Adagio), or 24 Measures/Bars Per Minute. Time Signature: 3/4.

Was Ray Charles banned from Georgia?

In 1961, Charles canceled a concert scheduled to take place in the Bell Auditorium in Augusta, Georgia to protest against segregated seating. He wasn’t banned from the state of Georgia as inaccurately claimed in the popular film Ray, though Charles did have to pay $800 compensation to the promoter.

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