How To Play Fiddlesticks Jungle?

Is Fiddlesticks a good Jungler?

Is Fiddlesticks Jungle Viable? Fiddlesticks jungle is fine, nothing wrong with it. It’s not nearly as strong as the top tier meta junglers like Graves, Lee, and Elise, but he’s perfectly playable.

Is Fiddlesticks an easy Jungler?

Fiddlesticks is a pretty squishy champion, which makes him easy to burst down. Early game junglers tend to invade him very often. Fiddlesticks is also pretty vulnerable to crowd control.

Is Fiddlesticks jungle or support?

However, when it comes to pro players, the only two players who have put significant time into Fiddlesticks are junglers. For support, however, no pro players seem to be considering Fiddlesticks as a viable pick.

Why is Fiddlesticks so bad?

As a jungle, he has slow clear speed. As a laner, he lacks waveclear, so he can get pushed into his turret. In teamfights, fiddle requires coordination with your team to ever land an ultimate. However, he’s far from bad.

Is Fiddlesticks a bad word?

As fiddlesticks is not regarded as profane, it is sometimes used as a substitute for a profanity as in “Fiddlesticks! I’ve left my wallet at home“. Rarely heard these days, it was used far more widely 30 to 40 years ago by Brits who preferred to avoid using rude words.

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What is Fiddlesticks good at?

Ultimate Hunter: As a jungler, R-Crowstorm is Fiddlesticks’ main ganking ability. Thus, Ultimate Hunter is a great rune option for him, reducing the cooldown on his ultimate. Approach Velocity: It allows bonus movement speed to Fiddlesticks during occasional teamfights.

How do you beat Fiddlesticks?


  1. Use Dark Wind to rack up many minion kills, and try to use. Drain on minions to get the maximum health drain.
  2. Use Terrify on enemies before starting up Crowstorm or. Drain to ensure maximum damage.
  3. Fiddlesticks is very fragile if you build AP items.

How do you counter the fear of Fiddlesticks?

In common situations, you can just wait in the back and he’ll ult your team – you can just kill him then. His “kill” damage comes from his ult; if you’re outside of it, you’re fine. Also, make sure to Ignite him and check for Zhonyas before you throw directional abilities.

Is Fiddlesticks hard to play?

Is Fiddlesticks hard to play? Fiddlesticks is a fairly easy champion to get a grasp on, but is hard to master. Fiddlesticks has always been a champion that relies on hitting a good Crowstorm ultimate and that is still the case after his rework.

Is Fiddlesticks a good support?

Fiddle is a bit like Vel’Koz support, fun to play if you want to poke and be annoying, as well as an extra damage source late game, however they are not particularly good team supports like Janna, Sona, Thresh, etc.

What is a fiddle stick?

1: a violin bow. 2a: something of little value: trifle didn’t care a fiddlestick for that. b fiddlesticks ˈfi-​dᵊl-​ˌstiks plural: nonsense —used as an interjection.

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