FAQ: How To Play Nine Ball In Pool?

What are the rules of 9-ball pool?

The rules are fairly simple. You aim to pot the balls in order until the 9 ball drops. Whoever pots it has won, regardless of how many of the previous balls the player was responsible for holing. Miss a shot and no balls go down, your turn is over and your opponent comes to the table.

What is the object of 9-ball pool?

The object of 9-ball is to win by legally pocketing the 9-ball. NOTE: If the 9-ball is pocketed illegally, then it is to be spotted on the foot spot with the incoming player having ball in hand. The player with the lowest Speed (Rating) shall break first with an alternating break format thereafter.

How do you set up nine ball in pool?

The balls are racked in a diamond shape using a traditional 9 ball diamond rack. The 1-ball must be placed be at the top of the diamond (apex). The 9-ball will go in the center of the rack. The rest of the balls can be placed anywhere in diamond in a random order.

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What happens if you hit the wrong ball in 9 ball?

“Wrong Ball First” and “No Rail” fouls are suspended for the shot. If no foul is committed on a push out, the other player may play the next shot, or may pass the shot to the opponent.

What is the difference between 9 Ball and 10 Ball?

The 9 ball goes in the middle of the rack (diamond shaped), and in 10b, the 10 ball is in the middle of the rack (triangyle shaped). 9 ball you can hit the lowest number ball and if something goes in you keep shooting, and if you get lucky and hit the 9 ball in after contact lowest numbered ball you win.

What is illegal break in 9-ball pool?

3.3 9-Ball Break Requirements You begin the break with ball in hand behind the head string. The cue ball must contact the 1-ball before any other ball or cushion or it is a foul. You must either pocket a ball or cause at least four object balls to contact the cushions, or it is an illegal break.

Do you have to call the 9-ball in 9-ball?

Unlike other cue sports, you do not have to call shots when playing 9 ball pool. What makes the game unique is that the cue ball must come into contact with the lowest number on the table. Balls can be pocketed out of order so long as the lowest number ball receives initial contact.

Does slop count in 9-ball?

You win the game when you pocket the 9-ball, at any time, even on the break, provided the lowest numbered ball on the table is contacted first. No balls need to be called. In slang terms, “slop” or “trash” (making a ball by accident) counts.

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How is 10 ball pool played?

Ten-Ball is a call shot game played with ten object balls numbered one through ten and a cue ball. On each shot, the first ball the cue ball contacts must be the lowest numbered ball on the table, but the balls need not be pocketed in order. A match ends when one of the players has won the required number of games.

What is the difference between 8 ball and 9-ball pool?

In 8-ball, the object is to hit either the striped or solid-colored balls (but not both), followed by the 8-ball, whereas in 9-ball you must hit the balls in numerical order, followed by the 9-ball, or try a combination shot that knocks the lowest-numbered object ball into the 9-ball and pockets the latter.

What color is the nine ball in pool?

The cue ball, which is usually a solid shade of white (but may be spotted in some tournaments), is struck to hit the other balls on the table. The remaining balls are numbered 1 through 9, each a distinct color, with the 9-ball being striped yellow and white.

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