FAQ: How To Play Medic Battlefield 1?

How do you call a medic BF1?

Hold down your spot button and you should get a menu. Look through it and you’ll find an option to request health/ammo. Another option,and perhaps better option, is to aim at a medic or support player and “spot” them and you’ll make the request.

How do you heal yourself in Battlefield 1?

Your medical syringe needs no charging or buffering to give a full-health revive. Just pull it out and stick your teammate once to bring them back to life with 100% health. You can also use your syringe on the enemy for a one-shot kill and some good laughs all around.

What is the best gun for medic in Battlefield 1?

In Battlefield 1, the Mondragón is an absolute workhorse for the Medic class once you unlock it. It comes with three preset configurations, which unlock at Medic level 1 and 3 respectively, but the Mondragón Sniper is by far the best.

How do you heal in squad?

Heal wounds of other players by equipping the medical kit, aiming it at the wounded player, and clicking and holding LMB until the player is fully healed. You will hear a Velcro sound effect during healing.

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Can you spawn in Firestorm?

Though they’ll only spawn in the playable zone, you can still capture re-supply points if you’re caught outside in the firestorm.

How do you ask for ammo in bf1 PC?

You must stand right in front of a support then perform the Display Dance of the Ammo Request – ie melee attacking their dumb face over and over – while they stare blankly and ignore you. You won’t get any ammo this way but you will likely get killed as you’re doing it and respawn with a full reserve. Yay!

How do you request on bf1?

User Info: BA2929. Hold down R1 then press the right analog stick down. Holding down R1 brings up the emote wheel. Even if you do it nobody will pay attention to them, but go ahead and try.

How do you ask for Ammo in Battlefield 5?


  1. you are supposed to hit the select button.
  2. Get close to your teammate and press the corresponding button (Select for PS3 and A for 360) to request either ammo or medical supplies (Depends on the teamamte’s class).

Can you revive in Firestorm?

Players can now be revived after getting killed in a vehicle while playing Firestorm, Combined Arms, and multiplayer.

What is the best class in Battlefield 1?

Well the best class in Battlefield 1 depends on what you like to do in the game. If you enjoy being a marksman and being away from the action, then the Scout Class is for you. If you’d rather be in the middle of the mayhem, armed with automatic weapons and explosives then the Assault Class is best.

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What is the best class in bf1?

Battlefield 1: best class loadouts for Assault, Medic, Support,

  • Assault Class: Armour Killer.
  • Medic Class: Sensible Healer.
  • Medic Class: Long-range Support.
  • Support Class: Front Lines Assaulter.
  • Support Class: Suppressive Shell Shocker.
  • Scout Class: Ultimate Sniper.
  • Scout Class: Objective Pusher.

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