FAQ: How To Play Hooky From Work?

Can you get fired for playing hooky?

Besides the fact that no one will ever believe that your brother-in-law was kidnapped by a drug cartel, many bosses have called to check on an employee after she’s called in sick—and 15 % have fired someone for doing so without a legitimate excuse.

What does playing hooky from work mean?

Be absent from school or some other obligation without permission, as in It was such a beautiful day that Herb played hooky from work. In this term, the noun hooky may have come from the phrase hook it, meaning “ escape.” [ Mid-1800s]

Should I feel guilty for playing hooky?

If you are going to play hooky, don’t feel guilty! Walking around all day with guilt after calling in will ruin your experience. You may as well go into work instead of using that good excuse. Remember, most every employers have sick days for a reason.

What do you do on hookie day?

Here are 14 activities to do when you’re playing hooky

  • Catch up on sleep.
  • Cook an elaborate meal.
  • Read a good book cover to cover.
  • Take a quick day trip.
  • Take a long walk.
  • Get a massage.
  • Be a tourist in your hometown.
  • Binge a new show.

How do you get a hooky?

Initially, the term playing hooky referred to children cutting school without permission from their parents or the school to take the day off. Some people apply it to work as well: people take time off without giving advance notice or having explicit permission to do so.

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Is it legal to play hooky?

Unfortunately, parent-endorsed hooky is technically illegal. Chronic truants can be fined in excess of US$2,800.

What is a hooky day?

When you play hooky, you take the day off from what you’re supposed to be doing. A man who goes to the beach instead of to his job at a bank decides to play hooky. The classic example of someone who plays hooky is a kid who skips school, or is truant.

What is a hooky?

US, informal.: to be away from school without permission Out on the playground, a boy from another homeroom cavorted around on a dirt bike, doing wheelies. He was playing hooky, but evidently couldn’t stay away.—

Is it OK to play hooky from school?

Oddly, allowing a child to play hooky can actually teach them a sense of responsibility. Kids might gain a new respect and trust in their parents because of the trust their parents show in them, and might even work harder once back at school to prove that they deserved and earned that day off.

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