FAQ: How To Play Elsword?

Is Elsword still alive?

It’s not dead, population wise it feels more alive than ever, but it’s definitely a decaying game. One day the game might not support newer updates without killing frames on every computer or KOG might just discard the game before then.

Is Elsword kid friendly?

Gameplay-wise, this game features anime-style characters beating up other cartoony enemies, so it’s probably no worse than any other side-scrolling brawler. Younger children may require supervision.

Is Elsword an anime?

Animation. An animation version of the game titled Elsword: El Lady adapts the story from Hamel to Lanox. DR Movie produced the anime while NZ wrote the story. The anime is scheduled to have 12 episodes, each 12 minutes long.

What happened to Elsword?

Elsword: Evolution was a mobile game based on Elsword, available for download on iOS and Android devices. As of July 20th, 2018, the game service was officially ended.

Is void elsword coming back?

Void Elsword ShutdownDue to internal team circumstances we have decided to suspend Void Elsword for the forseeable future. This decision doesn’t come lightly as many of you know we intended to stay around for much longer.It has been a wild ride since

Why Elsword is a bad game?

Bad Qualities The game is extremely salty when it comes to getting good gear. The characters range from overpowered like Ain (due to his ignore defense buff) and useless like Elsword. Most of the enemies are easily fought by ranged characters, leaving some melee characters mediocre at best.

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Is elsword 2D or 3D?

As I am sure you’ve noticed, Elsword also consist of 3D elements especially in maps where you walk AROUND it, literally. While it is still categorized as a side-scrolling MMORPG, but to place it under the conventional 2D MMO is definitely not it.

How old is Elsword?

Elsword – Free to Play Anime Action MMORPG. Playing action games using keyboards sometimes becomes confusing and tedious – good thing you can play this beat ’em up game using a gamepad! As if that’s not cool enough, any gamepad can be mapped as long as your Windows operating system detects it.

Is Gacha a Elsword game?

Ice Burners are the gacha system in Elsword, which can contain rare items and costumes.

When did elsword release?

Go to Media Section and click Download Game button to save the file. Click the file to “Run” and start downloading the game client using the Elsword Game Installer. Once the downloader completes downloading Elsword, click ‘Open. ‘ This will automatically start the installation process.

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