FAQ: How To Play Dark Knight Ff14?

How do I unlock Dark Knight Ffxiv?

When you reach the quest “Before the Dawn,” you will gain access to the city of Ishgard. This is where you can accept the quest “Our End” — found in the Pillars region of the city. “Our End” will unlock the Dark Knight in FF14. And unlike base game classes, the Dark Knight begins at level 30.

How does Dark Knight work Ffxiv?

Dark Knight is a tank job, with similar abilities as Paladins and Warriors. The job wields greatswords. In battle, Dark Knights use magicks to infuse their blades with the powers of darkness to strike down their enemies and defend their allies. Most of their abilities involve draining HP from enemies.

Is Dark Knight good Ffxiv?

Dark Knight is a very versatile job, allowing you to tank very while not getting hit in the face too much. It is for me one of the best class to start having fun as a tank with a mix of heavy damage, sustain and cool looking animations (that’s important too, I think).

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Where do I train Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight’s advancement is through an NPC in The Forgotten Knight inn, located in The Pillars (x13, y8). This job starts at level 30.

Is cloud a dark knight?

Cloud, hands down, fits the definition of a dark knight on all fronts. He identifies as a former soldier gone rogue, thematically, dark knights are knights who hang up their sense of duty and serve only their own sense of justice.

How do I become a rogue in FF14?

You can unlock the Rogue class by going to the Rogue Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (around 8,16), look out for the quests either “Way of the Rogue”, or “So you want to be a Rogue”. Rogue is the ONLY base class you CANNOT start the game as.

What level can I be a Dark Knight?

Since Dark Knight starts at level 30 (although unlocked if you have a level 50 character), there are a few things you have to “catch up to”… Namely, your Skills, Rotation, and to a lesser extent, Gear.

Is Ffxiv Heavensward free?

It’s awesome… and it’s now available to all FINAL FANTASY XIV Online players at no additional cost! Who doesn’t love free stuff? In case you missed it, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward is now included as part of the expanded Free Trial.

How do you become a dragoon?

Requirements for acquiring the Dragoon job in A Realm Reborn are LV 30 Lancer and LV 15 Marauder. To unlock this job you must posess level 15 in the Marauder class and have completed the Level 30 Lancer quest ” ” given by the Lancer trainer in Gridania.

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Which tank does the most DPS ff14?

Gunbreaker is the current highest-dps tank, pulling ahead of warrior in longer fights especially. Its personal mitigation is a touch on the weak side and it has a very busy, ogcd-heavy rotation.

What’s the best DPS class in ff14?

The Black Mage If you want the best DPS, there is nothing better than this. The Black Mage though is a very awkward job to start. They are probably one of the worst jobs throughout leveling in terms of performance and playstyle. The rotation for AOE and Single Target skills gets boring real quick.

What is the best tank class in ff14?

The Paladin This particular patch reintroduced the Paladin’s incredible damage. Hence, the Paladin is considered the best tank class in Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4. A Paladin’s gameplay revolves around the upkeep of Goring Blade while doing physical or magical attacks.

What are the tank classes in Ffxiv?


  • Paladin.
  • Warrior.
  • Dark Knight.
  • Gunbreaker.
  • White Mage.
  • Scholar.
  • Astrologian.
  • Sage.

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