FAQ: How To Play Best Of My Love?

What key is love of my life in?

Love of My Life is written in the key of F Major.

What is a Dm9 chord?

Explanation: The D minor ninth is a five-note chord. For practical reasons the chord is normally played with omitted notes and/or inverted. The chord is often abbreviated as Dm9 (alternatively Dmin9). Theory: The Dm9 chord is constructed with a root, a minor third, a perfect fifth, a minor seventh and a major ninth.

What is a Fm7 chord?

The F minor 7 chord (Fm7) is an F minor chord (F – Ab – C) with the ‘flat 7’ of the F Major scale included (Eb). Fm7 is notable because the root-6 bar chord (the first shape below) is played in the 1st fret, with all strings being played on the 1st fret except for the 5th string.

What is the meaning love of my life?

: the person someone loves more than any other person at any time in life She was the love of his life.

In what key is Bohemian Rhapsody?

B-flat major

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