Dragon Hills

Download Dragon Hills 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins)

Enact your vengeance with this Dragon Hills 2 MOD by raining down fire and destruction with an overpowered beast we bought with infinite money. Climb on the back of the Dragon of your choosing, equipt all the weapons we have stashed in the armory and blow stuff up.

Dragon Hills

This Princess doesn't need a Prince to save her! She is on a revenge mission riding a powerful Dragon causing chaos and destruction to everything in her way. Dig underground and slide down hills in this action packed adventure. It's easy to install the APK and Mod on all devices.

Discover new levels, chase down your foes and capture new castles!

  • Fast and Easy Gameplay
  • Destructible environment
  • Incredible boss battles
  • Weapon Upgrades, Power Ups and unique armor to unlock
  • Streamline controls and interesting mechanics
  • Competitive Leaderboards

Easy controles make for a wild and crazy adventure!

How To Download

There are two main sources to download the android file. Official and... non-official. The Official file is untouched and can be downloaded directly from the reputable websites listed below.

The moded file is exactly that... modified. Simple changes in the coding to activate cheats. In this case we get a ton of coins.

Official Apk

The Official APK for Dragon Hills can be downloaded on Google Play and the IOS App Store for free! For obvious reasons this should be your main options for downloading the game. Their are app has in-game Advertisements.

On the other hand, we understand that there are also other versions out there as well. Use them at your own risk. It's your device, and your decision.

Mod Apk

If starting from scratch is not your preference, here is an alternative. There are also unofficial modified versions of the game for those that want to just have fun and get everything unlocked immediately. Well almost, we will explain that in a moment.

This Dragon Hills Mod will give you Unlimited Coins to use all the extra Dragons, Abilities and grant infinite lives.

This modified APK file is clean and will not damage your device in any way.

How to install

If you are using the MOD version of Dragon Hills we must first change some settings on our device. By default all Android devices can only use apps from official sources. We must enable the option to install from Unknown Sources in order to use this modded APK file.

  1. Download APK from the link above to your device.
  2. Allow installation of apps from sources other than the play store.
  3. Android Device > Settings > Security > ENABLE Unknown Sources
  4. Install the APK file
  5. Complete one level to earn some coins
  6. Buy an upgrade to activate Unlimited Money!
  7. Have Fun!

Unlimited Coins

This princess went from Broke an Angry to Rich and Dangerous in one level. Well actually it's a finite amount. About 1.3 Billion coins! Way more than she could actually spend in 100 lifetimes. Keep it hidden in the dragon's lair for safekeeping to add onto the legend.

unlimited coins in Dragon hills

One caveat here is, everything can not just be purchased right from the start. Some items are locked until you reach a certain level. This is earned automatically as we progress in the game. Giving you incentive to play even after being an overpowered force of destruction.

This money mod will hopefully eliminate the grind but still feel like your working towards a goal, completing levels and defeating our first boss. Most of the time cheats break the balance of a game. Causing the flow to get boring. Sometimes Feeling like we are not achieving progress or just breeze through the content too quickly.